Sunday, July 25, 2010

@ Home with Claudine - Week 4


Another week has flown by - how the time flies...

This week with Claudine brought three more new techniques and another mini-project.  I love learning all these new techniques and can already see so many possibilities!  Hope you are enjoying following along.

Our first technique is called Extra Time Photo Tinting.  The technique is very simple, but so effective and really gives a nice vintage "punch" to a project.  To start, you'll need a black & white photo, printed on your ink jet printer.  You can use either glossy photo paper, or Ranger's glossy cardstock (I used this).  Then you mix Claudine's Extra Time Medium with a dab of her paint (color of your choice).  You will only need a very small amount of this mixture, so don't over do it.  A light touch is key with this technique - if you use too much of the paint mixture you just cover up the image.  Here is the result.

Then, we learned another transfer technique, called Sticky Back Canvas Paper Transfer.  You start with a piece of sticky back canvas, and peel the backing off.  Then you apply a piece of patterned scrapbook paper to the STICKY side - with the pattern side applied directly to the sticky back.   Then, spritz the entire piece heavily with water, using a mini mister or other spray bottle, and begin rubbing the paper backing off.  This takes some time and patience but the results are amazing.

Next up was a simple but beautiful technique - dry embossed canvas.  Just take a piece of sticky back canvas and run it through your Cuttlebug in an embossing folder.  I used one of Tim's texture fades.  Then mix up a small amount of Claudine's paint and extra time medium and mix it up using Ranger's applicator foam - it will be a very thin coating of paint on the foam.  Then very gently swipe the paint over the embossed canvas.  The paint will only hit the "high spots" of the embossed image.  LOTS of possibilities for this one.

Our special project this week combines the paper transfer and photo tinting techniques.  I used a photo of my gramma from her wedding day - isn't she adorable???  She loved to laugh and always had a silly way to say things --- my favorite was her way of referring to pillow cases as "pilly" cases - I think I get my silliness from her... I miss her...   (but... I digress....)

The colors are subtle hues of pink and yellow (which, I must tell you, she would NOT have approved of --- another of her quirks was her insistence that pink and yellow did NOT go together --- the whole time I was making this I was saying to myself "Sorry Gramma, I know this wouldn't work for you, but it works for the art."  I hope she'll forgive me... (LOL).

Today promises to be another "scorcher" here in Baltimore - another day in the high 90's - I'm ready for Fall.... be good.... stay cool.... and have a great day!

~ ellen.

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