Sunday, September 5, 2010

Art Journal

Hi everyone!

Remember yesterday I said I had been completely *blown away* by Donna Downey's art journal blog videos??  (This link takes you to an awesome video - it's long, but well worth it.)  Well, I was SO *inspired* that today I actually MADE myself a book!!  Years ago, before I even started stamping/papercrafting I bought this book called "Cover To Cover" which is an awesome, step-by-step guide to making hand-made books! 

Much as I was intrigued with the concept when I bought it, I never actually took any action to make a book until TODAY!  I figured if I was going to do an art journal, what better way to start than to make my own journal! 

So I found some old 5x7 cards (*pre-folded on nice heavy ivory card stock and everything*) that I've had for eons, and thought they would be the perfect size for a book!  Not too small, but not too big either..... jussstttt right!!! 

I hadn't planned this out, so I didn't have any book boards for the covers and spine, so I just used the 12x12 cardboard/chipboard piece that comes at the back of every paper stack you ever buy - they're perfect!  And I liked the idea of not having a super stiff cover, I wanted one that would have a little flexibility to it. 

(*I can already see this is going to be a long post, because there are so many details to share - hope you're up for it...*)

I decided on the "simple codex" style of book.  Which means that I folded two cards and nested them together into one codex (two sheets of paper 10 x 7 stacked together and then folded in half)  The fun thing I took from Donna's blog was the "inclusion" papers she has in her inspiration journals - can be anything from a shipping tag, to a calendar page, anything at all.  I put one inclusion page inbetween the two layers - so there is one inclusion paper in each codex.  I ended up with 5 codex-es (*OMG what is the plural of codex??  you get the idea...*)  So the book is 20 pages.  

Then began the trial of sewing them all together!  It was remarkably simple, following the instructions in the book, but much too complicated to explain here.  I didn't have proper bookbinding thread, or wax, but I did have some very thin ivory hemp, which worked like a dream! 

Then had to decide on paper to use for the cover.  Here was my second dilemma.... because of the size of my book, a regular piece of 12x12 scrapbook paper wasn't big enough!  ACKK!  BUT, I remembered some great wrapping paper I got at IKEA a million years ago - it's the nice handmade REAL paper - not the wax coated thin stuff that rips if you sneeze on it.  I had rolls of it - turned out great!

Laid out the cover and glued it all to the cardboard covers with CH multi medium.  Then chose my end papers (12x12 worked for this part) - those are the papers that connect the codex to both the front and back covers of the book.

Now that you've survived the description - here's the final results!

Here's a few of the inclusion papers:

Here's a close up of the 5 codex (would it be codices???) together inside the book.  I made the spine a little too wide so I had to improvise a little - I figure this will give lots of room for dimensionals in my pages!!! (*silver lining to my OOPS moment*)

And here's a shot of the endpaper:

Hope you had fun --- if you're interested in more info on the "Cover To Cover" book, leave me a comment (with your email) and I'll send you the details.  The possibilities are literally endless!

Can't wait to get started!  Good thing it's a holiday weekend - I can play more tomorrow!!!  Be safe - see you soon!


~ ellen.


Hels Sheridan said...

OOOh, fabbylicious book Ellen, that is just ripe for altering and adding art and journalling and secrets and stuff :O)) Hugs hunny x

Lori said...

Awesome, Ellen. Good stuff here, and that book looks like a fantastic source, and your book, is, well, stunning, really.

Tammy Tutterow said...

Love it!! I can't wait to see how you fill it!

Jana said...

Very cool art journal. I love that you made it. Now you have me itching to learn to make a book too...