Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Stamper / Art Journal - Sept 12 2010


Yes, there is a theme emerging... did yet another page in my art journal this morning!  It's a damp, gray, misty, wet day here in Baltimore - perfect day to get cozy and *make art* !  (*oh, and also perfect for afternoon naps.... which I fell victim to this afternoon!*)

This week's theme on The Sunday Stampers is "Ruby Blue", which means just use something in red and/or blue.  I just bought some new paint yesterday so wanted to try it out.  The color is actually meant to be *magenta* but coupled with the yellow and orange paint it came out much more *red*...

Started by painting the whole background with a mix of yellow and orange paint - no drippage yet.  Heat dried that layer, and then went in with the magenta paint for some drippage.  Sprayed lots of water to get that runny look, then heat dried again.  I've been LOVING my new INKA GOLD by Viva - it's a gold "paste" - just tap the tip of your finger in the ink/paste and smear on highlights wherever you want them.  I highlighted all the yellow areas on the page, and also hit the bird cage, too.

The birdcage is cut from chipboard, run thru the c'bug with TH's Alterations die.  Painted the cage black, added the highlights, and hit it with the Inka Gold for highlights.  Then snipped the bars of the cage to *free the bird* - makes me happy!

The swallow/bird is a new Sizzix die I bought yesterday - ran it thru the c'bug on some textured paper - it's hard to see but the bird is actually TWO birds layered on top of each other.  Stamped some script text on each bird then painted over top.  The bottom layer is a teal (slightly darker) and the top is sky blue - it's much prettier in person.  Then dry brushed on some white highlights.

Then stamped some wildflowers in black archival - was tough to get a clean image because the journal is pretty bumpy, even after only one page spread so far, but it turned out OK and I filled in some gaps with a black sharpie.

The quote came from a rubber stamp I have and I love it, but wanted it to be a more prominent part of the page, so decided to use India Ink and nib-pen to hand-write it.  Once I had the ink & pen out decided to draw in a chain for the bird cage - I love how the cage looks like it is a bit off-kilter from the bird BURSTING FREE. 

Hope you had a lovely weekend. See you soon!


~ ellen.


Hels Sheridan said...

Tis GORGEOUS Ellen.. this is gonna be one fabby book when it is all completed! Thanks for joinin in with the Sunday Stamper... made me LOL.. I had to have a Nanna Nap this afternoon too ... tis an age thing I reckon LOL xx

Lori said...

Love it! I have that bird die, I think it's awesome, you can do a lot with it. Wonderful, wonderful spread here!

Kathy Eddy said...

This is fabulous Ellen. I like how you have the swallow busting free.

Linda Ledbetter said...

Oh, my stars, Ellen, this is stunning! The bluebird with those bright, sunrise colors is a show stopper! (Way to bust out of jail, little swallow! Fly! Be Free!)

I seriously love this!

Helen said...

Another stunner, Ellen.