Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ATCs with Donna Downey

Hey there!

I've been busy preparing kits for a class I'm teaching at The Queen's Ink on Friday, so I don't have anything new to share this week, but I've been playing along each month with Donna Downey's ATC Kits.  These kits are awesome, because every month there is a technique or a new material, or a new approach to doing something that always inspires me. 

Here are the ATC's from April's kit.  If you're interested in these kits, click HERE to head over to Donna's website where you can get the kits each month, or get just the instructional downloads if you want to use all your own supplies.

This month was all about combining black and white images with color images.  Such a simple concept with a great impact!  Here's a close up of each ATC.

 This first one (above) uses a scallop edge circle punch of a black & white image, colored with distress inks, as an overlay to the same image underneath.

The 2nd ATC also uses a scallop edge circle punch, but this time the black & white image is underneath the color image.  And I love the "art" banner made from canvas triangles & reverse-printed letters.

And again, the 3rd ATC with a scallop edge circle punch of the black & white image, over the color image.  And another canvas banner.  Such a simple idea, but I just love it!

And finally, the 4th ATC uses a scallop edge square punch of a color image, over the black & white base, enhanced with distress ink.  Love the black & white vellum butterfly.

Honestly folks, these kits are an awesome way to build a technique library.  I bought the 7 Gypsies ATC Carousel and I'm loving watching it fill up with awesome techniques I can reference when the ole' mojo takes a vacation.... Check it out!  Sometimes you just want to *make* something.... and don't want to have to *design* it, too.  A great creative escape. 

I'm working on a Ten Seconds Studio metal project.... hoping to finish it this weekend - a trip to Home Depot is needed.... can't wait to share.

Have a great week!  

~ ellen.


Lori said...

Wow, Ellen, these are fabulous! And, that splash of color with neutrals really does make a big impact. I'm happy to hear your teaching adventure is going so well! That's great! Can't wait to see your metal piece!

Helen said...

Gorgeous ATC's - I love that poppy, I am partial to a poppy!

Hels Sheridan said...

lurrrrve the poppies... so pretty! Now now, Home Depot... you need to make sure you leave the old credit card at home... not that I am saying you know how to shop or anyfink... but...erm... you do roflmao

Big hugs xxx

Candy C said...

Hey Ellen...your ATCs are really cool. Can't wait to see the metal project~ :) <3 Candy

StampDancer said...

Ellen, These are amazing! It looks like these kits are something I need to investigate further!