Thursday, December 1, 2011

12 Tags Have Begun! Day 1


Well it's official! The Christmas season has officially begun and that means it's time for Tim Holtz' 12 Tags of Christmas!  This has become a real tradition for me and I'm so excited to get started with another year of fabulous projects with Tim. 

I knew that the first tag would be posting at 4:00 am my time and I jokingly said to my husband that I'd set my alarm to get up and see it... well.... my mental clock must have been working overtime because at precisely 4:00 am my eyes opened up!  I managed to stay in bed until 5:30, but it was with great effort and lots of tossing and turning....

So I got up, got my coffee, and sat myself down to check it out - GORGEOUS!  I thought to myself.... I bet that Hels has been up for hours and probably has her tag DONE by now... so I called her (switching to Vonage means *free* international calls! How convenient!)  Come to find out she had only been up for a short time and hadn't even peaked yet!  Shocking!  LOL....  So we spent the next hour talking and looking at the project, and I managed to get mine started before heading off to work.... ughhh! 

I finished it up when I got home and I love it!  I had to improvise with the "Noel" die since I don't have that one, but I rather like the ornament!  I also had to improvise by using the Autumn Gatherings die along with some movers & shapers instead of the Festive Greenery one, but... again... I think it turned out pretty well!

Considering the great effort that was those pinecones... not bad for a first effort.... will have to keep playing with those - I'm sure once I get comfortable with them it will be much easier.

I also substituted diamond stickles for the rock candy distress stickles - I wanted a more golden tone to match the glitter I used on the ornament.

Well that's Tag #1.... eleven more to go and I can't wait to see what's next!  So far... I'm up to date - let's see how long I can keep it going!

(I can't believe that a year ago today I had spent the day in London with Hels!  Time flies!!! Makes me want to go back!  Wish I could....)

See you real soon!

~ ellen


artbyvic said...

Your tag turned beautiful! I'm just starting mine!

Helen said...

Well done - I should have used the autumn gatherings, why didn't I think of that.... roll on day 2!

Laura said...

I know the feeling it was my first time playing with the pinecones, i think practice makes perfect with those hehehe I love your tag ive just uploaded day 2 the girls on a roll, bet it doesnt last long though hahahaha ill soon be behind

minnie_mac said...

Love your tag. Gorgeous rich colours and sparkle.


Silvia(Barnie) said...

A beautiful tag, love your Joy ornament.