Sunday, December 4, 2011

Trains and Tags.... (Day 3)


We're back from our trip and I've managed to begin catching up on the 12 Tags of Christmas!  But before I get to tag #3, here's a few pix from our trip... what a fab time we had.  Felt like we went back in history... if you missed yesterday's post... we went to Cumberland, MD to ride the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad.  It's about a 3-hour tour (no Gilligan's Island jokes, please... haha!) that ends in Frostburg, MD.

Mountain Thunder steam engine pulling in to the station to pick us up.

This is the car we rode on... first class no less!  (*schmancy!* LOL!)

Here's the engine at our destination point in Frostburg, MD.

And a close up...

This shows a bit of the station - so cute!

And here's how they turn the engine around to go back the other way... Clever!

This sculpture was in the station - it's not truly made from the bricks, but it sure looks real to me, and so cool!
Ooooooh!  Get this!!! We got on board the train, and since we had splurged for first class (not as big a splurge as you might imagine, so why not?), they had a name plate set out on the tables so we'd know where to sit.  When the other couple at our table arrived, the woman saw our name plate and said... Oh my God... is that your last name???  It's mine, too!  Now... if you have a name like Smith (my maiden name, I might add...) that's not such a big deal, but we have NEVER run into another Vargo!  Turns out she has family from the same general area as Jack's family, but neither of them knew enough details to decide officially that they were long lost cousins or something... but we decided they had to be.... SO COOL!  (hope she doesn't mind me posting her pic.)

OK... now back to art... every year Tim does one of these custom stamp pads, but this is the first year I've actually done it - I've managed to find a way around it the past 2 years, but this year... I went for it.  Here's my finished tag and a few close ups... enjoy!

First off.... I don't have any kraft tags.... so how did I get it to look like a kraft background?  Well... I made my stamp pad, stamped the image on a regular manila tag, but before I put it in the embossing folder, I rubbed my frayed burlap ink pad across the de-bossed side of the folder... so when I ran it though my Vagabond the ink was pressed into the background!  It worked!  For the bottom section I just gently applied more frayed burlap ink over the stamped image.

As you can see... I decided to substitute the festive greenery die that Tim used with some greenery of my own.  I bought a mini holiday wreath last year with all these elements on it, with the full intention of cutting it up for parts, precisely at a time like this.  And since I don't have the festive greenery die... this was the perfect opportunity!   And I think it looks rather festive, don't you?

I love the shimmer that heirloom gold perfect pearl mists give.... just gorgeous!

Hope you all are enjoying the 12 Tags this year - I sure am!  I'll be back later with Day 4's post!

~ ellen.


Helen said...

Fancy meeting someone your husband may be related to!!
Love your day 3 tag, it is gorgeous - love the trims.

Hels Sheridan said...

OMG... SPPPPPOOKY!!!! or what... how much of a coincidence is that... go and buy a lottery ticket quick lol

Glad you both had a lovely time... Looks totes-amazeballs and I wish I could have been there to see the train **saddo alert**

Lotsalove xx

Candy C said...

My oldest grandson would LOVE that train ride!!! He's a NUT about trains and he's only 4!!! I will have to show him your pictures!! Your tag is beautiful, too! <3 Candy