Friday, January 20, 2012

Scraped Paint Art Journals


Hope you all had a great week - I, for one, am VERY glad it's Friday! We may get a little bit of snow and ice tonight so I'm ready to snuggle in for the weekend. 

The other project I worked on last weekend at "Stamp Camp" was creating what I have named "scraped paint art journals".  I learned this technique when I took the "painted pages" class at The Queens Ink, and fell in love with it!

I started with 8 sheets from my Canson Multi Media paper, 11x14 inches.  I cut each page in half, so I was working with 16 sheets of paper, each of them 7 x 11 inches.

Now comes the "scraped paint" part.... I chose various colors of Golden fluid acrylic paints and Lumiere paints (Jacquard) and squeezed 2 or 3 different colors all the way across the top of the page, going 11 inches across with all 2 or 3 colors, ending up with 2 or 3 lines of paint.  Then I used an old gift card (any old credit card will do), started at the top and literally scraped the paint down the length of the page, scraping several times to go across the full width of the page. 

I discovered some variations along the way, which I think are really fun.  Squeeze 2 or 3 lines of paint at the top, but then put some random drops of paint in other parts of the page.  When you scrape down from the top, the "drops" of paint get stretched out and look sort of like raindrops - cool!

I did this to all the fronts and backs of all 16 pages.  The great part of this technique is that you are putting such a thin layer of paint on the pages that they dry really quickly! 

Once they were dry, I got out my Crafter's Workshop stencils, gesso, spray inks, and even some bubble wrap for stamping with paint, and added a few accent areas to each page.

Now comes the book-binding part that turns these pages into a journal.  I folded each page in 1/2, and nested 5 folded pages together to form a single "signature" of pages.  So, in the end I had 3 journals, each with 5 nested pages, painted front and back.  I made covers slightly larger than 7 x 11 using all the same techniques described above, but left enough on each end to have a small "flap" on both the front and back covers.

I used waxed linen cord to sew the pages and cover together, and voila! 3 custom art journals... backgrounds done and ready for further stamping, collage, embellishing and journaling! Here's a shot of all three journals standing up with pages fanned out - gorgeous colors!

And a few more finished pages...

The funniest part to me is... I'm not even an art journaler!  I just LOVE making these books!  I'm hoping one day the art journal bug will BITE.... when it does I'll be all set!  'Til then.... I have some good friends who might enjoy these! 

Have a wonderful weekend!  Think snow... and... being from Baltimore... GO RAVENS!!! :)

~ ellen.


Candy C said...

Beautiful art pages, Ellen! I love them! I bought some Canson Mixed Media paper today at Hobby Lobby. I hope to play with that stuff soon! :) Love your book pages!! They are so cool! <3 Candy

Bev said...

WOW! Ellen These are Amazing to me. I'm still Fairly NEW to all this hands on Stuff but have always had a great Imagination. You have certainly sent my Imagination spinning with this Technique. FAB and Thanks so Much.
Beverley... (From Australia) Where it is definitely not Snowing but I'm about Over the Heat. I think a little Snow would be very welcome about now. Lol.

Helen said...

I love the bright colous of your pages - hope you get the bug soon - but they look just great as they are!

Hels Sheridan said...

Glorious... can't wait to see them on Skype!!! xxx

betjunroe said...

These pages are awesome Ellen! Love the colors you used. I just happen to have Lumiere paint and plan to give this a try. Happy snow day and GO RAVENS! Bette

Kirsten Alicia said...

Wow, gorgeous pages.

Marjie Kemper said...

Such vibrant colors... love em! And you're right - you'll be all set when the urge hits.