Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another batch of sketches


Wanted to share the last batch of "naked" sketches... I'm having so much fun exploring this world of drawing - it's opening up all sorts of possibilities!  Here we go...

First up is this series of blooms - not sure what kind of flowers - in various stages of opening up.  I was trying to use color and lines to create the curves and bends of the petals - was difficult, but I'm beginning to learn.  I also used lots of light pen lines to create the shading and texture of the leaves and petals.

This was a very unusual flower - very tropical - had never seen one like it before.  I like the graduated colors, blending from deep magenta to a lighter pink, and the stark contrast of the dark flowers with the white and yellow bases.

This is one I'm very happy with.  I like the cross-hatching for the base of the flower, and how the blues and purples blend together, with the contrasting pink and yellow in the center.  I also like the shading on the stem.

Another tropical flower - love the look of flames! This flower is *hot* !! (LOL!)  I like the way the curved leaf at the bottom came out - first time I tried that and liked the result.  I found a great quote for this flower - come back tomorrow to see it.

And, last but not least for today, yet another tropical flower. Plumeria - love it!  I like the blending of the lighter pinks with the yellow, into the deep red base, and I like the pen work on the stems, and leaving some white spots on the stem for highlights and contour.

I'll be back tomorrow with the next stage in the evolution of these sketches - hope you enjoy.  Thanks to everyone for all the supportive and encouraging comments!  I really appreciate them!

~ ellen.


Terry said...

Hey there Ellen, your sketches are the flowers and the colors that your using. Really a great job wow xxxx Terry

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Fabulous sketches Ellen. You would have a wonderful time in my garden, I collect so many plants, I love them and gardening and recognise quite a few of your flowers. Tracy x