Thursday, May 31, 2012

Zentangle Play

Hello again,

During  my recent bout of forced "down time" I did some playing in my sketchbook with some Zentangle patterns.  I divided my 5x7 page into 4 sections and did a different "tangle" in each one.

I found the pattern for the two sections on the left on the Zentangle YouTube channel.  It's called "Betweed".  Here's a link.  Mine didn't turn out quite as well, but you gotta start somewhere.

The top right tangle is one of my favorites and is super easy to do.  It looks like pick-up sticks to me.

But the tangle on the bottom right is my favorite, and is my first first original pattern (at least I had never seen it before).

I started out by drawing flower petals in each corner of the section, and then attached petals opposite each other with curvy lines... hope this makes sense.... drew curvy line from top right of the petal on the bottom right to the bottom left of the petal on the top left.... wow... if you can follow that I salute you!  Repeated same all the way around and then added extra lines to fill in and accent.  I think it looks like the petals are growing upwards towards you.  May need to try this in a bigger size to see how it looks.

Hope you enjoyed my tangles.  One more couch-time post to share - will be back once i can take pix, etc.  Decided it was time to try hand-carved stamps - addictive!

Be back soon - take care til then.

~ ellen.


mrich2500 said...

These are's addicting once you start playing! I love your original and will probably use it because it's spectacular ;)

Helen said...

Wonderful zentangling! I love them all. Hope you are OK and get back "up and at 'em" soon !

Gina Sismilich said...

Wonderful drawings - I love doing these but I am out of practice (find that you have to get into the mindset). You have inspired me to try again!!

Candy C said... you go again...with the new creative things! :) I have heard and seen Zentangle but that's about it. Yours looks fantastic! I think you nail everything you try! <3 Candy

Bast said...

Beautiful job! Just picked up a Zentangle book as I wanted to give it a try. Thanx so much for the link and the inspiration!


MaRyKaY said...

that is awesome