Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another "Recipe" from Hels 'n' Els

Hi everyone,

Once again, Hels and I have been skyping away, having a blast coming up with new projects to try.   We're sort of on a collage / stencil kick, but we're having fun with it, and really, that's all that matters.  Here's our "recipe" for today:

- 5 mini canvases (joined together with screw eyes and jump rings)
- Dimensional embellishments
- Sari silk ribbons
- Tape of choice (masking, washi, tissue, etc.)
- Stencils with medium of choice (gesso, texture paste, paint, spray, etc.)
- Book text
- Ink sprays
- Butterflies
- "Something Old"  (in the spirit of USE your stash!)
- Message / words of choice

Here we go... here's my finished project!

I started with 5 mini canvases in various shapes - some squares, some rectangles.  Initially I wanted to use ink sprays on the canvases, but when I sprayed the pre-gesso'd canvases resisted the inks so... scrap that idea... unfortunately, the sprays stained the canvases (but not in a good way).... time for Plan B...

I started by wrapping the edges of all 5 canvases with the fabulous "subway" tissue tape, which I've been hoarding.  Then I decided to break out my 7 Dots Studio papers (by Anna Dabrowska) again.   I used the reverse sides, which are much more subtle and give more opportunity for adding color as desired.  I distressed all the edges and inked with gathered twigs distress ink (my new *favorite* brown).  Adhered to the canvases with gel medium.

I added some torn book text, and used my Stabilo All pencil with some stencils, going over the penciled images with a water brush to blend them in.  Added some white wash over my book text to help push it to the background.  Then I scraped gesso through the diamond Dylusions stencil and let it dry.

Here's my "something old"... I've had some natural colored fibers by Maya Road for about 2 years! Decided it would be the perfect addition to this neutral color palette, so I wrapped various fibers around each canvas, stringing a bead onto each one.  Love the one above with all it's hairy-ness!

Decide to stick with neutral, muted tones, so chose some antique brass embellishments and adhered them to each canvas with gel medium.  Also added some more sari silk ribbon to each canvas.  If you ever have the opportunity to get some - it's fabulous!  I was lucky to find an entire skein of it at a wool show back in May.  You can dye it any color you want so it will go with any project. 

Next up, I added the hand-stamped words on each canvas, which I tried to match to the embellishment I used.   And the final step... a very light spraying of ink (Dylusions worn leather - former UK line). 

The canvases were all joined together using Tim Holtz' screw eyes and jump rings.  I used Tim's ruler on the "centering" side to mark 1" from center on either side - so easy to make sure everything lines up when you use the centering ruler... love that!  I hung the entire piece from a twig off my tree and some sari silk.

Hope you're enjoying these "recipe" challenges - I know we are!  And wait til you see Hels' project... she's outdone herself yet again!  Be sure to pop over and check it out HERE.

Til next time!

~ ellen.


Helen said...

Hi, this is beautiful. So different from Hels version, amazing how 2 cooks interpret the recipe so differently!!

Aquarius said...

Amazing and so different from the one Hels made using the same recipe. A thing of beauty to grace the wall - love it.

Astrid Maclean said...

You guys are so inventive! Love this, so much to look at! Also really like the way you have photographed it against the wall, very clever, really adds to the over all effect!

Hels Sheridan said...

LOVE IT... the hairy one is my fave, genius idea to wrap the fibres around.... I had the best time playing with this recipe... thank you!!!! xx

snazzyoriginal said...

Couldn't resist popping over from Hels blog after last weekends fabby piece with 7Dots, and oh my, more 7Dots! They are just so wonderfully versatile and useable. Love the neutral colours of this piece and am now off to empty my stash cupboard as I'm sure I have some mini canvases......xx

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Gorgeous Ellen, I love the design, colours and embellishments. Tracy x

Shazza said...

wow Ellen this is gorgeous, love it x said...

Gorgeous!!! I love all the different textures. said...

Gorgeous!!! I love all the different textures.

Karen said...

so different to what Hels made but you can also see the similarities too! love them both hugs Karen x

Barb Cady said...

This is absolutely lovely and so different from Hels.What good fun you two have, And great for us to peep at! x

Marjie Kemper said...

This is just fantastic, Ellen! I love how all the canvases are related yet each is beautiful on its own. Really fab!

Gillian .... said...

Hey Ellen .... you is arting BIG STYLE ... OMG this is totally and utterly divine, if I stayed near you, you would find it missing lol ... thank you soooooooo much for that awesome comment btw:) Hope you are ok.{{{hugs}}}xx