Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Art Parts Extravaganza - Part 2

Hello again!

Thanks for stopping by to see part 2 of my Art Parts adventures.  Yesterday I showed you the first 3 sections of my Art Parts film strip.  Click HERE if you missed that post.  Today we'll check out sections 4 and 5, and then I'll show you how I put it all together.  As with yesterday's post, all the Studio 490 art parts, stamps, Blossom Bucket embellishments, and idea-ology are available at Simon Says Stamp.  Here we go with section 4...

The first element has a square art part, painted with cranberry paint dabber, stamped with the striped/ticking background with a blossom bucket jar and art part leaf painted with lettuce paint dabber and stamped with polka dot background.  As with yesterday's post, the idea-ology snaps added to this element are repeated on all elements of the piece.

Next we have the base, painted with butterscotch paint dabber, stamped with the wire screen background, with an art parts fish painted black.

Blossom Bucket bottle caps with dictionary text centers, stamped with individual capital letters for A.R.T.  These are the only non-Studio 490 stamps.

Circle base, lettuce paint, script background stamp, square art part painted black, and a large Blossom Bucket flower, accented with hints of butterscotch and cranberry paint to coordinate with the rest of the piece.

And here's the last section... section 5....

Love this element... art parts gear, butterscotch paint dabber, checker-flower background, with a large idea-ology clock, game spinner, mini gears, and a snap in the center.

Square art part base, cranberry paint, polka dot background stamp, art part locks, and idea-ology buttons and snaps.  Word band altered with butterscotch paint underneath.

Oooh... I've been wanting to use this Blossom Bucket bird for months! Just love the detail!

Now that we've covered all the sections and broken down each element.... here's a pic of the final piece, all put together...

I'm sorry I couldn't post a larger photo on the blog, but hopefully all the close ups I've shown will help you appreciate the whole.  I love how all the sections line up perfectly so it really looks like an actual film *strip* and not just one frame.  

Each frame section was adhered to piece of foam core with Sobo glue, which is very strong and often used in bookbinding.  You may have noticed little black accent dots on each section.  I added these with a black pearl pen.  I like the little accents, and using a similar style in each section helps to tie the piece together.

I hope you've enjoyed my art parts project.  I had a lot of fun putting it together - and the best part was just dumping all the pieces out and selecting all the elements to use.  Was a great way to really get an appreciation for Art Parts, because that's exactly what they are!  Parts for making ART! 

If you're new to Art Parts, or Studio 490 for that matter, you've got to go visit Wendy Vecchi's blog and check out all the amazing things you can do with her awesome products... love them all!

I'll be back tomorrow with another recipe Hels and I have cooked up.... I know... bad pun... but it had to be done!

~ ellen.


Helen said...

What a fabulous display it make seeing it all together. Just love it, and all the elements you grouped together. Thank you!

Karenliz said...

Wonderful art parts creation! I have art parts but still have not used them. You have given me some inspriration! Thanks!

Gina Sismilich said...

Love this piece - I just want to touch each section - including those raised black dots!

Lori said...

Fabulous! LOVE the colors and the design Ellen!

Ana K. said...

Ellen this is gorgeous piece of art! Great composition, great colours... I love it!

isisimaginings.com said...

Wow, that is wonderful!