Monday, September 17, 2012

Was That A Dragon?

Good morning and Happy Monday!

Wanted to share a project I did that was *WAY* out of my comfort zone.  In my non-art life, I work as an Accounting Manager for Catholic Charities.  Every two years, Catholic Charities hosts the "Dragon Boat Races" here in Baltimore. 

It is an awesome event to raise funds to help the many clients we serve.  Part of the event is that every team creates a hat to go along with the theme of their team tent.  The competition is fierce, and I was nominated (OK... really I was coerced) to create the hat for our team.  I then very quickly coerced Jack to help!  The theme chosen this year was Hollywood / Movies so I immediately thought that creating a hat of Graumann's Chinese Theatre (on the Hollywood Walk of Fame) would be cool... here's the result...

We started with a hat as the base - we used the hat from a child's magician kit - it was small, but made of a very sturdy, hard plastic so we knew it would stand up to some construction.  We found some small styrofoam building bricks in the craft store, and hot-glued them onto foam core to create the walls of the building. 

The doors were made out of grungeboard and I used the wood grain texture fade embossing folder to get the look of a wood door - colored with some distress stains and gave them a coat of rock candy crackle paint, and of course, some hitch fasteners (sadly being discontinued) for the doorknobs.

The roof was a real challenge!  Jack and I tried and tried to figure out how to get the shape we needed for that curved roof... and then Jack had an "A-HA" moment... he said... you know what would be perfect?  A lamp shade!  Genius!!  And it worked! We glued the lampshade to the top of the building, and then I cut curvy strips of grungepaper to look like the roof tiles.  Painted each strip with juniper paint dabber, hot glued to the lampshade.  The seams on each corner were created with LOTS of hot glue, painted with the same juniper paint.  Then I accented the roof with Inka Gold (gold), and dry-brushed some black paint to age it a bit.

I'm sure you'll recognize the film strip ribbon on the roof, wound around some small film reels that Jack found. I painted them black, accented with Inka Gold, and added some idea-ology wings.

The dragon on top and the dragon heads at the top of each column on the front were found in the craft store - you know those bins of plastic animals for kids?  The one on top was just hot glued on... no alteration made... and the ones on the columns... I just cut their heads off!  Painted them with some heavy body gray paint to look like concrete and accented with Inka Gold - simple! 

Hope you enjoyed my "out of the box" project... it was fun to collaborate with Jack on a project - we make a good team... in life and in art!

Have a great week!

~ ellen


Anita Houston said...

I've been there and that's what it looks on!!! This is do cool, and they've picked the right people for the job! You have a brilliant guy!

Ellen said...

LOVE IT! So clever and did a wonderful job on this!!

Hels Sheridan said...

Abso-chuffing-lutely totes-amazeballs amazzzzzing. I have seen this in the real (ok, on Skype) it is more amazing than in the pics... the attention to detail and the scaling of it all... WOWOWOWOWWWWWWW!!!!!!