Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy and Wendy


Happy Halloween!  It has been QUITE a while since my last post - life got a little busy and crazy... including surviving Hurricane Sandy!  Our house is situated in the center of a peninsula and is surrounded by water - two blocks away to the east, south and north ... so we were quite worried about power outages and flooding.  We had a LOT of damage from Hurricane Isabel in 2003.  We were SOOOOO lucky this time - we never lost power and had no water damage = PHEW!  Unfortunately, some of our water-front neighbors were not so lucky.

... but that doesn't mean I stopped making art!  I'll be sharing all the things I've been up to... and today I'll start by sharing the projects I made in classes with Wendy Vecchi at The Queens Ink!  This is Wendy's 3rd year visiting THE Queen and her classes just keep getting better and better!

First class we focused on art journaling.  But before we made any journal pages, we had to make our own journal!  We used all of Wendy's Studio 490 products... stamps, art parts, stencils and blossom bucket embellishments!  Here's the cover...

I also used one of my hand carved stamps for the border at the top and bottom, and as the top of the crayon box.  I like the contrast of the bold border image against the fine lines of Wendy's chicken wire background stamp.

Here's a close up of the crayon box.

Then we got busy making journal pages.  And when I say busy... I mean BUSY! This class was a marathon and very fast paced - I can normally keep up without much trouble but I think I actually broke a sweat during this class - but it was totally worth it!  I love the flourish stamp spilling out of the phrenology head stamp - brilliant!

Then we moved on to some more subtle pages.  We got to use a *secret* new product Wendy is bringing out - but I'm sworn to secrecy!  Trust me - you'll love it!  Once again, I used my triangle stamp as the border, top and bottom.

Here's the next pages... used flower stencils on the right, and hand drew the fern on the left - this is much easier than you would think.  Draw some curvy lines all starting from one point, and then use a water brush and distress stain to to the leaves - easy!  Used my swirly circle and striped border stamps on these pages.  Oh - and used my alpha set for 'art'.

That wrapped up Day 1.... The next day was another marathon - the funky art angel.  All constructed with art parts, with some blossom bucket embellishments, and a flower done with clearly for art.

I decided to go (mostly) mono-chromatic for this project and I love how it turned out.

Here's a close up of the head with the glasses... used the new metallic distress stains and dry rock candy stickles - love that look!

And here's the clearly for art flower...

The finished angel was mounted to a dowel and inserted into a wooden rosette base - genius.

It was an awesome two days with Wendy - it was so nice to see her again - just wish it wasn't a whole year til the next time! 

I'll be back soon to share some more art from my "hiatus"... hope everyone is doing well and survived Sandy with no damage.

~ ellen.


Helen said...

Secret art items?? Oh my you tease!! Looks like you had a great time though, lucky you. Glad you survived Sandy as well.

Moose Ridge said...

Isabel? I think I remember that one... wiped out a lot of homes 3 blocks from my Grandparents in Edgemere...

art looks great and I love the glasses -- I want a pair for me!!

Dunlap TN

Anita Houston said...

Wenditastic!!! I love it all! What fun and gorgeous! I am glad you are ok...I thought about you the last few days, but figured you had no electricity. Very fortunate!

Hels Sheridan said...

Thank heavens Sandy wasn't too mean to you and Jack... phew! Love all the makes from your classes... the angel with your pops of red is my fave x