Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ledger Journal - Painted Maps

Hello again,

I know... back so soon!  Shocking!

Wanted to share another page I did in my ledger journal, another painted map page spread.

This time I decided to white out the background of these painted California poppies.  I drew the poppies with a black sharpie and painted them in with watercolors.

I didn't set out to white-out the background, but when I did the next page, a lot of inks got smeared onto this one (OOPS!), so a quick fix turned into a total white-out.  I like the contrast and how the maps show through the watercolors.

I think it would look even better with some bold black text on the white background.... maybe I'll get to that one day...

I'll be back with another page tomorrow.

~ ellen.


Moose Ridge said...

gorgeous!! what did you use for the white? real white out?? looks fantastic!

Dunlap TN

ellen vargo said...

Allison - I used gesso for the "white-out". I think real white out would have taken a lifetime with that teeny little brush. LOL!

Ellie said...

Yummy, how gorgeous!

Hels Sheridan said...

WOW, those flowers are stunning, love the way the map shows thru... genius xx

Anita Houston said...

Totally gorgeous and you really are the map art queen!!! These are so fabulous!!!

Buncobuddy said...

Love it!