Monday, November 26, 2012

Takin' On the Gelli's


Boy, time sure does fly by! Last time I posted I was just about to leave for "Stamp Camp" and then it was back to work for a short week, and then the whoosh of Thanksgiving flew by... phew!

BUT - I had an absolutely *fabulous* time at camp! Some new friends joined us this time, and we all had our Gelli Arts printing plates with us... oh MY did we have fun!  We spent all day Saturday making gelli prints with all sorts of stencils, paints, hand carved stamps, and other found object stamps.  Let me tell you, some of the prints pulled were stunning!

I decided to bind all my prints into two journals.  My good friend Patti pulled both of the covers and generously gave them to me, so I used them for my journals... here we go!

Here's the first journal - used regular copy paper, then glued them back-to-back for binding.  Some of the pages are a little wrinkly, but... who cares... I'm not planning to sell them to a gallery after all...

metallic paints printed on black textured card stock

ghost print from hexagon stencil

LOVE this.. it's the inside of heavy cardboard packing material, used as a stamp.

Perhaps my favorite print - hexagon stencil laid over plate after using a flourish stencil - looks like concrete!

used one of my hand carved stamps for this pattern

all the pages bound together

And here's the second journal... cover was printed on deli wrap, which was then glued to white card stock with Ranger's glue 'n' seal, my new favorite collage glue!

this texture and depth makes me sooooo happy! gorgeous!

simple 3-hole binding for five signatures

The pages were printed on Neenah Solar White card stock, cut in half and then bound together.

used a very meshy lace as a "stamp"

crafter's workshop stencil

another crafter's workshop stencil

hand carved stamp repeated for pattern

golden fluid acrylics brayered and print pulled over existing chevron stencil print

all bound together
If you haven't had the chance to play with the Gelli Arts printing plate yet... OMG... find a friend who has one and schedule a play date ASAP! You'll become addicted! 

I'll be back this week with some other projects I worked on at camp, and over the Holidays.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

~ ellen.


Helen said...

Ellen, these journals are fantastic, and the Gelli plate sounds lots of fun - I saw a video the other day & think I "need" one...!

betjunroe said...

Wow--awesome gelli prints Ellen! I love all of them, but the one using the Crafter's Workshop stencil is my fave--makes me think of peacock feathers. I seriously NEED that stencil! Thanks for the inspiration. Bette

whyducks said...

Lovely work!

Anita Houston said...

I always say I need to buy one! I seriously do! This looks like a blast to make and play with!