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abstract obsession

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Dylusions - BONUS - Day 8 - I Needed a Shrink!


THEY DID IT! The RAVENS won the SUPERBOWL!!! YES!  My whole neighborhood, and in fact the entire city of Baltimore, erupted with celebration last night!  We could hear car horns and screams of joy and fireworks all from our living room!  Good times!

Back to the business at hand... as I mentioned, I did some more playing with my new Dylusions stamps over the weekend, and decided to try something I've never done with Dylusions before... and it worked!

I used another Ranger product in combination with Dylusions this time...

And boy did I have fun!  I stamped several of the characters and fishy creatures out with jet black archival ink on a sheet of shrink plastic, cut them out, and cut a hole in the top of each one.... and then whipped out the heat tool!  Instant Dylusional charms!!!  Then I colored in each one on the back side with alcohol inks and a Q-Tip (cotton swab).

I used these three as zipper pulls for my collage cut out keepers...

And this one was turned into a pin for a small cosmetic case I have.... just added a jump ring and a Tim Holtz wire pin...

This will give you a sense of the scale of the original image to the shrunken image...

Here's another style of pin I made using a round Fragment (Tim Holtz).  Materials used:

Painted the front and back of the fragment with pearl paint dabber, colored over top with stream alcohol ink, glued the charm on with superglue, added some black dot accents around the edge, and added a self-adhesive pin backing to the back...

And, finally, one last project... a charm for a bracelet!  Just string some beads on some Stretch Magic cording, tie a knot with a dot of superglue or glossy accents, and add a charm with a jump ring.  How cute!

Hope you liked my shrunken Dylusional charms... I had a ball making them.  They would make great presents, present-toppers, or could even do a whole charm bracelet with lots of them!  Hope you give it a try!

That's officially the end of my New Dylusions Marathon.  It has seriously been so much fun, and I'm sad to see it end.  Have no fear, I'll still be playing and will share more projects as they come together, just not in such rapid succession!  Thanks again for all your support and comments along the way.  Here are the links to all the posts:

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I've been working on another project that I'm so excited about.  It's something I've been wanting to try for a long time, and I've found a way to make it work!  I'll be sharing it soon!  Take care!

~ ellen.


Helen said...

Ellen, I'd forgotten all about shrink plastic but you've given it a new lease of life. These are such fun charms and the size of the stamps are ideal for this. Thanks for your 8 days of inspiration!

thekathrynwheel said...

These are so cool! I love your shrinky-dinks!!

Helen said...

Cute! I have a love-hate relationship with shrink plastic but these do look good!

Debbie said...

Fantastic. Shrink plastic always makes me smile. I love using it. Love what you have done with Dylusion stamps.
Hey well done on the SuperBowl Win, assuming the "Power Cut" did not damage your chances then!!
Great Stuff.

Kathi said...

These are brilliant!

Anita Houston said...

FUN!!!! FUN!!! FUN!!!!

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

They're so cute!!!

betjunroe said...

These are so cute Ellen! I love making charms with shrink plastic. Now I need the stamps to make these cute little critters. You are such an enabler--lol! Bette

Carol Gibson said...

What fun techniques. I'm off to
buy some shrink wrap so I can try it out with my new Dylusions stamp.

Bast said...

Ellen those are just ADORABLE! Love the idea of a zipper pull! I have tons of shrink plastic sitting around and never think to pull it out...great idea! Thanx so much for the inspiration...time to get crafting! :)


SaraJ said...

These are so stinkin' cute I can't get over it....I HAVE to make these guys. What a grand idea!!

Juls said...

wow they are fabulous!! hugs Juls

Hels Sheridan said...

Cute ickle charms... genius!!