Monday, February 18, 2013

The Postcard Project

Good morning!

I wanted to share a link to Jane Davies' Postcard Project.  Jane is a collage / mixed media artist who also owns the local post office in her small town in Vermont.  In order to help boost the volume of mail being handled in her post office, and help to keep it from being closed down, she has asked people to send postcards - art postcards, or any kind of postcard.  The request has been massively popular and she's receiving hundreds (probably over a thousand by now) of postcards!

Here's a link to Jane's original blog post - honestly - have you ever seen anything so cute?

And HERE is a link to another post Jane did, showing a video of one technique she uses for making art postcards, and the inspiration for my post today.

Here are mine... I'll be sending one postcard a month...

Hope you enjoyed and *really* hope you decide to join in with the Postcard Project!  If you'd like to send one (or more!) here's the info from Jane's blog:

  • YOU send me an art postcard. It can be original handmade, or a photocopy of something you've made. Print your name and address clearly on the card.
    • Mail to: Jane Davies, PO Box 45, Rupert, VT  05768
  • I  send YOU a postcard, handmade.  I don't promise it will be something you want to frame, but it will be original.  I will send postcards to the first 200 respondents.
  • I will post ALL the post cards I receive on this blog.  On each card I will indicate the name of its creator and the place from whence it came.  If the volume is overwhelming, I'll open a separate blog just for the cards.  If nobody sends me a card, I will be sad and our post mistress will be out of a good time, and eventually a job.

Have fun!  Hope you join in...

~ ellen.


Jane Davies said...

GREAT! THank you, Ellen. I just wrote you a postcard yesterday because I was so pleased to see how you used my video tutorial.

donna walsh said...

Love it EL,

I will try to get one in the mail this week. Probably using all the scrap from Patti's Gelli prints. hahahaah
Looking forward to seeing you real soon girl friend.

Martha Richardson said...

What a great idea! Will be sending one out ;)

Kay Wallace said...

Only last week did I hear of this awesome project from Jane Davies! I will be working on some postcards this week. Will also pass on your links on my own blog. Love your art postcards, Ellen. Sweet work!