Friday, August 2, 2013

Abstract Brayer Painting

Hi everyone,

Yep, I'm back again with more abstract brayer painting.  This is my latest effort, which started out the same as the others in the 3 posts below.  But this time, I took it just that one step too far and tried something that (in my opinion) ruined a large section of the piece.  So you know what I did?  I just cut it off... so instead of four finished post cards, I have two finished square pieces (5 1/2" square), which would be perfect for a card front or to put in a nice black frame.

First - the supplies.  Distress stains, paint dabbers, distress paints, background stamps, hand carved and found stamps, archival ink, brayer, pearl pen, and journaling pens.

And here are the two finished square pieces:

And a few close ups on different sections:

And just an idea to turn the piece 90 degrees for a different look:

Hope you enjoyed.  I've got (most of) my art girlfriends coming over tomorrow for an all day play and I can't wait!  It's our first play day in the new studio. What could be better than good art, good friends, and of course some good food thrown in for good measure?  I'm IN.

See you next week - hope everyone has a great weekend.

~ ellen.


Karenliz said...

Love all your abstracts. I too have fallen in love with abstract. I love your large red circles. Really makes the piece pop.

whyducks said...

Lovely and wouldn't they look cool if they were cushion covers!

Roberta said...

These are wonderful Ellen!

Nan G said...

Cool bold circles! So let's the piece you think wasn't good!

Anita Houston said...

Have fun on your play date! Congrats on the Ranger feature too! Love your technique here!

Kay Wallace said...

Love that your have used red and green (which aren't just for Christmas anymore!). Love your circles! Festive card fronts, indeed!

Candy C said...

Very cool brayer painting, Ellen. I finally whipped out my gelli plate the other day and made a background for a future SSS challenge. It was FUN and I can't wait to do more! You are such an inspiration to me, girlfriend. Thanks for the info on this technique. Wish I was one of the girls who came over to play. :) I also wanted to thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog. I've been out of town and then back and teaching this past trying to get caught up. Love you! <3 Candy