Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Beach Watercolors


I spent several days at the beach recently, and of course I *had* to take some art supplies with me... but didn't want to take my whole studio.  So I decided to take some water color postcards and a small set of watercolors.   Here's what I came up with.... three variations on a simple beach scene. All three are 4" x 6" post card size.

This first one has a little bit of black pen detail added over the watercolors.

This one was inspired by some photos on Instagram.  An Instagram friend went on a vacation to the virgin islands...

And this one was just playing with darker shades and blending.

I had fun playing and a wonderful time at the beach.  Be back soon with more.

~ ellen.


Mary Brack said...

Wow! These are beautiful!

Carol said...

Gorgeous and great idea :) Enjoy rest of your holiday :) said...

They're wonderful. Hope you're having a great time.