June 11, 2010

the art of compassion

I've had a busy week but had to share this story with you all.  Earlier this week I was outside at lunch time with two friends.  We were just sitting in the sun enjoying a nice break when we looked down and saw that there was a tiny hummingbird on the sidewalk, obviously injured.  Our office building is covered in mirrored panels and she must have flown into the building (poor thing!).  Well,  my one of my friends is a HUGE animal lover - she flew into what I call "Momma Mode"... she went inside, got a box with a lid, cut holes in the lid, lined it with napkins and even put in a little cup of water.  She was able (with great fear of further injuring the bird) to scoop the bird into the box.  As soon as we went inside she got online, called animal rescue, and delivered the bird to them with the help of my other friend.

I was so blown away by the lengths they went to, to save a little hummingbird.  I wish I could say that I would have done the same, but in all honesty I probably would have noticed the bird, felt terribly that it had gotten injured, and resigned myself to the likelihood that the bird wouldn't make it, and went on my way (shame on me!). 

Well, an hour later, they returned to the office and told us that the people at animal rescue were able to straighten out the bird's wing and they said she (we assumed that she was a SHE, and dubbed her "Henrietta Hummingbird") would be just fine!   My heroes!

My sister-in-law is a HUGE hummingbird fan and I knew she had some hummingbird stamps, so I stopped by her house on the way home that night to borrow them.  I was so impressed with my friends that I had to do something to show them how awesome they are.  This is what I came up with.

I stamped the main image using Ranger's black archival ink and then used distress inks to color in the image with an aqua painter (just smear the ink pad on a non-stick craft sheet, spritz with water using a mini mister, and pick up the ink with your aqua paint brush - I LOVE this method of coloring in images).  I added some highlights using the Inkssentials white pen and added a clear Dew Drop to the center of the large purple flower.  Then I stamped the Thanks So Much and punched it out with a Stampin' Up punch, matted it on black cardstock and trimmed it up.  Voila!  In hindsight, some perfect pearls or glimmer mist would have been a nice touch on the background paper.... aaahh that hindsight... gets me every time...

The greeting on the inside was written as if the card was from "Henrietta" and was even signed "Henrietta Hummingbird".    It was one of those cards that just made itself - I was so inspired by their heroic efforts.

Lesson learned.... never give up... a little bit of extra effort just might save a life (however small)! 

Enjoy your weekend and take time to create!

~ ellen.

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