June 30, 2010

A Great Trip

We got home from Denver on Monday night - we had such a fabulous time visiting with my brother and his family.  I got to spend lots of time with my two nieces and they are INCREDIBLE!  I took it upon myself to bring some stamps so we could play - I think I've successfully created two new stamping MONSTERS!  Yay!  Here's some of the highlights of our trip.

Rocky Mountain National Park - still LOTS of snow up there!  We were at about 12,000 ft. elevation.

Jack and I went out early Friday morning and did a little exploring in Idaho Springs - an adorable little mountain town - with a rushing mountain stream running through the town where the gold rush began!

They had an awesome shop called the Wild Grape - I loved their sign...  and I got a cool pendant with a vintage picture of a woman with a cello and the words "Artsy Fartsy" printed across it, old typewriter collage style - it ROCKS.... I'll have to take a pic and share...

Friday afternoon we had a fashion show after I took the my nieces to lunch and a shopping spree for all the missed birthday shopping trips.  OK, I know I'm their aunt and all, so I'm definitely prejudiced, but aren't they gorgeous!!!?

Then we went to Red Rocks Amphitheater - what an awesome place... wish we could have seen a concert there...
On our last night we went downtown to The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner - what a cool place!  Atmosphere was amazing - OLD train station turned restaurant - with a real train car inside and more stained glass and exposed beams than you can imagine.  And the food was fabulous!

We had a wonderful time, great weather, great times with family, amazing sites, couldn't have been any better.  We've decided to stay home this weekend (no campground - just need some time at home) so hopefully I'll have some new creations to post soon. 

My on-line class with Claudine Hellmuth starts tomorrow!  Can't wait!

Happy summer, safe travels, and happy crafting!



Sandi M said...

I popped over from Claudine's class. Isn't it fun learning these techniques? I'm commenting here because I saw Red Rocks and just love it there! My brother is in the Springs and my DD should be about to board her plane to come back from a wonderful visit with them. Lucky her getting a trip like that. I'm an anxious mom waiting for her to come back safe & sound :)

pamklank said...

What wonderful pics!!!!!! Glad you had a great time and the back held up! It IS B-EAUTIFUL country out there. I can't wait to see your scrapbook! The girls are gorgeous and my goodness they have gotten tall! They must have put fertilizer on them to make them grow!