July 19, 2010

@ Home with Claudine - Week 3

Hi all!

Here I am - back again so soon.... (NOT)...

Week 3 of class was terrific - we learned 3 new techniques and did another mini project.  Here's the results:

The first technique is called faux paste paper.  You start with glossy card stock (Ranger).  You combine a small dab of paint with a large dab of extra time medium.  Then you use the Inky Roller (or any type of brayer) to roll the mixture onto to the glossy card stock, and then use a comb or other texture to make a pattern in the paper - easy!

Technique #2 is called extra time reverse stamping.  You use the same technique as above, but instead of using a comb you ink up a stamp with Ranger's Watermark Resist pad - again, this technique did not work using versamark, but did work using Ranger's Perfect Medium.  You have to work quickly for this technique - if the paint mixture dries at all the stamp won't pick up the paint and create the negative stamped image.   I had to do this a couple times before I got it to work, but here's my efforts:

Technique #3 is called tinted paper.  You start with a laser photocopy of some random text.  This would work with any type of paper.  You coat the paper with Multi Medium (matte finish) and let it dry.  This makes the paper non-absorbent so it has the same quality as the glossy cardstock we used in the other techniques.  Once dry, you paint a mixture of paint and extra time medium over the paper, which gives it just a slight hint of color.  The photocopy started pure white.  This is a great way to alter the color of any paper - lots of possibilities.

Then we combined all three techniques into our special project.  We started with an 8x8 canvas.  First we applied an 8x8 piece of any scrapbook paper onto the canvas using multi medium.  Then we used all the techniques above and cut 2" circles from each technique and applied them over the scrapbook paper.  Once that was dry, we applied a very light layer of gesso over the center area of the canvas.  This softens the tone of the bold circles so the next image will "pop".  The class called for a large chandelier rub-on, which I couldn't find, so I used a stencil instead!

I'm still hoping to get caught up on Linda's Compendium of Curiosities technique challenge, but I seem to be falling further and further behind.... wish me luck!  My studio is on the 2nd floor of our house, and the A/C doesn't quite cool it down - it has been WICKED HOT here lately, so it's not so fun to spend time up there in the late afternoon / early evening.  I don't usually feel this way until August, but I think I'm ready for FALL!

Hoping to work on some tags for the CCC challenge this week - if I get any done before sweating to death I'll post them!


Kathy Eddy said...

Awesome results you had on your project! Looks great!

Lori said...

Fantastic techniques, Ellen! Love the stamped image, looks great!