July 11, 2010

Water Stamping

Hello again!

Twice in one day??? YES!  (I told you I had a busy, inky week!)

I've been woe-fully behind on the Compendium of Curiosities Challenge being hosted by Linda Ledbetter.  I finally had a chance to play with the WEEK ONE technique, Water Stamping.  Here's my fav:

I love how it turned out - as I said in my post earlier today - I've been using the TH flourish stamp a lot lately - it just works for everything....  we've been asked not to post the directions on how to do this technique so as not to take away from Tim's book.  If you're interested in learning this technique, my fav web-shopping store, eclectic Paperie, has the book, OR better yet if you order it from Tim's website (click HERE) he will sign it for you! 

I'm too late to be included in the actual Challenge on Linda's blog, but I'm still going to try to keep up with each week's technique (nice rhyme!) - it's a great way to explore new ways of using all my STUFF!

I may be back AGAIN later!  I'm on a roll!!!!  I LOVE it when that happens!

Be good!  (or... if you can't be good.... be careful... ha!)

~ ellen.

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