August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

Hi everyone!

Let me just start by saying I have the best husband (Jack) in the whole world... :)  This is us last summer - my hair was so SHORT!

 Aside from the fact that I love him, he loves me, supports my dreams and passions, he does housework, and is just generally the BEST.  But on TOP of all that, he surprised me yesterday with the best birthday present EVER.  As you know, I went away to the beach last weekend with my mom, sister and nieces.  My birthday was actually last Saturday.  Jack didn't come with us, he's not the biggest fan of going to the beach.  So we agreed that we would celebrate my birthday this weekend instead.

We set out at about 10:00 am and ended up at The Queen's Ink, an inky, artsy, fartsy, awesome store I recently discovered, and it's only 1/2 hour from my house!  YIPPEE!  Not only did we arrive at one of the coolest places, but he then "set me loose" to shop my little heart out - and BOY did I comply!!!  Here's a picture of the store - it's in a little village called Savage Mill - lots of old brick/stone buildings, complete with water wheel and lots of little eclectic shops.

It's a huge store, in such a great space - 12 foot ceilings, HUGE windows, and lots of little shopping areas filled with all the things I love.  Stamps, inks, paints, paper, a whole section devoted to Tim / Wendy - and more, and more, and more - what could be better???

Jack set me free and headed out to explore other things.  TWO HOURS later, I was finally ready to check out.  When Patti, the owner of the store, looked at my bag, she said, "Well, you certainly have a bag full of fun, young lady!"  I agreed and told her it was for my birthday, at which point she and another lady in the shop proceeded to SING Happy Birthday to me!  Now THAT is good customer service... she's so incredible, generous, and genuinely passionate about all the things in her store.  I will SOOOO be going back SOON.  Here's my stash of stuff!

So - let's see - where to begin.... we'll work left to right....

Foamies Sheets so I can make foam stamps from my TH Alternations Dies, two more Alterations dies, various idea-ology (curio knobs, snaps, type charms, tissue tape, washers), my starter stash for TenSeconds Studio (thanks to Hels Sheridan-her metal rose is simply STUNNING and I HAVE to try it) (metal sheets, humungo sticky sheets, tool kit, and my first mold), the hot wax stylus tool (thanks Suze Weinberg for the inspiration to explore the wonderful world of WAX), 1 TH stamp set, 1 Wendy stamp set, and the first book on the phenomenon of Zentangle, which I'll be exploring this week for the Lots To Do challenge.

Hope you enjoyed coming along on my shopping spree!  I was so pumped up last night - it took me two hours to unpack it all and put it away!  Now I have to decide what to do first!  That's a problem I'll take any day.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  I'll be back soon!


~ ellen.

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Shairon said...

Wow! What a wonderful birthday Ellen! Bet you had just the best day ever!