August 3, 2010

@ Home with Claudine - Week 5

Hey everyone!

I've been so busy keeping up with challenges, that I neglected to post my latest adventures with Claudine!  I'm really enjoying the class - it is such fun learning all these different techniques each week.  Pretty soon, we'll be through with the technique "base" and we'll start doing bigger projects that incorporate what we've learned - I can't wait to see what we'll do.

But, for now, we're still learning the basics.  This week, we learned three more techniques.

First up is Faux Batik.  This is BY FAR my favorite technique so far.

You start with a piece of sticky back canvas (SBC).  Then you take some multi medium (matte) OR gesso and spread it on a nonstick craft sheet.  Then you take a foam stamp (the $1.00 variety at your local craft store) and apply the gesso to the stamp by just dabbing the stamp around in the mixture - no need for a brayer or paintbrush - keep it simple.  Stamp the image on the SBC.  Claudine said that using gesso gives a more dramatic white result, so I chose to use gesso.  Once the gesso is dry you paint over it with a VERY VERY watered down mixture of paint.  We used landscape green and classic teal.  The gesso will resist the watery paint, and VOILA (that's becoming a favorite term of mine....)!   

Next up was Debossed perfect pearls.  Run a piece of SBC through your cuttlebug in an embossing folder, making sure that the raised side of the pattern in your folder is on the top of your SBC.  This will give you sunken image (DE-bossed).  Then take a Watermark Pen (Versamark or Watermark Resist come in pens) and go over the raised image.  Brush on some perfect pearls and spritz lightly with water to "set" the perfect pearls.  Here's the result:

My pages are 6 x 6, so the embossing folder left a "crease" down the middle of my SBC, so I covered it up with some shear ribbon and drew the squiggles on with VIVA's Pearl Pen.

Last technique this week is called "Embossed SBC".  The catch with this technique is that you work on the STICKY side of the SBC.  So, peel the backing off the SBC and put the sticky side face UP.  Then place a mask or stencil on the sticky side and press down firmly.  Then sprinkle embossing powder of your choice over the entire piece.  Remove the excess powder and replace in jar.  Then CAREFULLY remove the mask/stencil and use your heat tool to melt the embossing powder.  Cool!  Then, you can either brush perfect pearls over the remaining sticky portion, or you could even use a different color embossing powder for a dramatic effect.   Here's my effort:

We did have a special project this week, but I haven't had time to get to it yet.  We'll be creating some wearable art!  I'll post when I get a chance to try it.

I'll be back tomorrow with another project to share before heading to the beach on Thursday!  Thanks for stopping by!


~ ellen.

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