October 7, 2010

BRITISH INVASION (in reverse!) --- 51 days (and counting!)


OK this may not be exciting to anyone but ME and a certain *batty* British BFF of mine, but I have SUCH EXCITING NEWS!!!   Here's a hint!

After several weeks of plotting and planning (and trying VERY hard to keep our respective mouths SHUT!!!)  and trying to find dates that work, the stars aligned and I am going on an incredible trip!  


We became VERY fast VERY good friends just a few short months ago.... it's one of those times in life when I just KNEW I had found a true *kindred spirit* (for any of you Anne of Green Gables fans out there, you know exactly what I mean --- this is *very high praise* !!!) 

Without getting too mushy... I do want to send out a very big THANK YOU to none other than THE WENDY VECCHI.  It all started HERE, on March 11, 2010.... Wendy posted what was then, and still is, absolutely the COOLEST, jaw-dropping art I've seen... EVER... it just really knocked me out.  

That project was done by HELS!  So that's what sent me dashing as quickly as possible over to Hels' blog, and I've never looked back since.  This summer I made a perfectly innocent (or so I thought!) comment on Hels' blog, lamenting the fact that I don't live in the UK because I wanted so badly to be part of the tag swap Hels was organizing for UK peeps... much to my delight she wrote back to me and said she was up for a swap!  I was SO EXCITED!  

Once the emails started... they basically never stopped!!!  And here we are, only 6 (almost) short months after I discovered she even existed.... and I'm flying "across the pond" to MEET her, PLAY with her in THE Room of Stash, and STAY with her, too!  (I'll be staying in the "Wendy Vecchi Suite" --- don't worry Wendy.... I'll warm it up for you.... LOL!)  

How lucky am I????  Seriously folks.... I feel very very blessed to have met such a lovely new friend.  And if it wasn't for Wendy... it never would have happened..... so.... I'll say it again.... THANKS WENDY!!!  "Friends In Art" has a whole new meaning!!!  ("HELS 'n' ELS" ..... I know.... corny.... but I like it!!!)

I'll try to contain my excitement between now and November 26th.... but it will definitely spill out into the blogosphere from time to time.... 51 days to go.... and I'm definitely counting!!!

Hugs to all,

~ ellen.


wendy vecchi said...

The power of art!
I'm sure you'll have a blast. Give that crazy Brit a HUGE hug for me. I think she's too cool & WAY talented.

The UK will never be the same...HELS & ELS...I LOVE IT!

See you soon...very soon...like next week!

wendy vecchi said...

PS...you better practice saying BLIMEY...just saying...
that's how they talk!

Val said...

Ellen - you will have a fab time. I have done some classes with Hels, and she is one lovely lady and so talented.


Jana said...

I love this creative, crafty heartwarming story. There are those that just "click". It's the coolest thing ever. And I love "Hels & Els". Makes me smile. I'm all excited for you both.

Linda Ledbetter said...

OMG, Ellen, I just *squealed* with delight. For real!!! I'm thrilled for both my wonderful friends-- you girls are going to have such an incredible time, and Great Britain will never be the same!

Helen said...

You will have a blast! And we don't say Blimey all the time!!

Nancy said...

What an AWESOME adventure! LOVE it!! (Love the Anne of Green Gables reference, too ... one of my absolute fav series of books!)
Seriously ... HOW will you function while waiting to go??? Yikes!!