October 24, 2010

Drippage with the Downeys


Made it safely home from Pennsylvania, where my sister-in-law and I spent Saturday afternoon with Donna (and Bill, who is super nice, too!) Downey!  We drove up on Saturday morning, and passed through Gettysburg, PA - the trees were definitely at the peak of fall color... check out these beauties!

We took the Inspiration Journal class, which Donna refers to as "Creativity 101".  At first I was confused by that description, but when the class got started it became clear very quickly!  Everyone in the class got one of Donna's Inspiration Journals - we all got the same cover, which was VERY smart on her part, otherwise we all would have been whining "I wanted THAT one!!"  Just like little kids... gotta give them all the same thing or the bickering will follow.... anyway....

We started by painting one page (and not necessarily the first page) with ONE color of paint, however we wanted.  Then we immediately moved to another page, and painted it with TWO colors of paint, again, however we wanted to combine the colors (or not) - NO RULES in art journaling!  Then immediately moved to the next page, where we were told to use a pencil to draw or write or mark up the page in whatever way we wanted. All three pages were done very quickly - not a lot of time to over-think what we wanted to do - very uncomfortable for some (including me at times!, but very good for me, too.  I'm definitely an "over-thinker").

Here's where the fun really kicked in.... Donna told us to take our journals and move to someone else's table!  We couldn't take any of our own supplies or embellishments with us, but could use anything we saw at the desk we landed at.  AAACKKKK!!!  We were given about 10-15 minutes to build onto one of the pages we had started, using ANY of the stash available to us at that person's spot.  WOW!  It was fun!!!  Rummaging through someone else's stuff discovering all the things they used to create with, and figuring out how to incorporate that into what we had started on our own - it was a little weird, but super fabulous!  I had a ball!!!  (of course, the first seat I landed at belonged to Staci, the owner of the store, so you know she had TONS! of stash to play with!!).  Then we got up and moved AGAIN to another spot and did the same thing!  HA!  I thought it was awesome, but I think there may have been a few people in the class that were really uncomfortable with the idea of someone else using their stuff.  Personally, when I got back to my desk, I couldn't even tell what had been used!

Here are the first two pages that I painted with MY paint, and began to embellish with OTHER people's stuff.  I'll continue to work on them some more til I'm happy with them.

After that we went back to our own tables, and learned a few more techniques for creating backgrounds for pages, including the famous DRIPPAGE..... basically just using a watered down paint or other medium to DRIP paint randomly down the page to create layers of color and interest.  I love the random nature of this technique - you always get a different result.

Then we learned how to make 3 different kinds of fabric flowers....

5-petal flower
no-sew flower

And the yoyo flower, which I didn't have a chance to try.

And the rest of the class was "free time" to play with different techniques and ask whatever questions we wanted.  Donna was fabulous --- it was great to meet her and see her wacky sense of humor in real life.  It was a fast-paced class, which was great for me, it really made me STOP thinking too much, and just create.

Pam and I went back to the cabin and played in our journals until midnight!  Here are some of the pages I'm working on - none of them are "done" yet, and it's weird for me to have so many pages in-progress --- I like to do things in order, and finish one thing before I begin another.  Gotta go outside the comfort zone to grow and learn - LOVE IT.

this was the pencil-drawing page, which I've started to "tangle"
random patterned paper & book text-will add more layers for sure!
nothing but stamped images --- now what???
Our "happy" item, which we had to fill with writing
photo transfer - still have some paper to rub off the image, but I love my happy giggling buddha - he definitely makes me "happy"  he's in my garden...  :)
Here's a group picture of our class with Donna - of course it had to be taken in front of the Vera Bradley display.... Donna is a BIG fan....

of course... I had to be right next to Donna.... that's me in the blue shirt....  
Another fun-filled weekend.... I had a blast, but will be glad to spend the next two weekends at HOME.  Good to go, for sure... but good to be home, too!!

Have a great week!

~ ellen.


Staci Shuck said...

Great job with the journal pages Ellen! Loved seeing my "stuff" on you page too! That was great fun and really got us out of the box! Donna is such a great teacher! Glad you could join us! Hope to make it to Grove's again soon! Stay up to date on the website www.grovesoffice.com

Hels Sheridan said...

Cor blimey hunny, looks like you have had another amazing weekend... those tree's are just simply stunning... and the class.. I would have been one of those going "oooh, I am out of my comfort zone" but... it is good to stretch ain't it? Loving your travel page... you can fulfill some of that ... soon!!! Hugs xx

Lori said...

Looks like a total blast! Love your pages and all the other cool stuff you did! And those trees are lovely!