October 22, 2010

Off to Pennsylvania!

Hi all!

Another crafty weekend has arrived!  This week I'm off to take Donna Downey's Inspiration Journal class at Grove's in Huntingdon, PA!

My sister-in-law Pam and I are leaving at stooopid o'clock tomorrow morning for the 3-hour drive to her cabin ....

 .... which is only about 45 minutes from Grove's.  Perfect location!  And we're WAY familiar with the drive there, and with the town of Huntingdon!  Plus we have a *free* place to stay.  What could be better?  A weekend with Pammy!!  I'm lucky to have such an awesome sister-in-law --- it'll be a giggle-fest.... my favorite.... :)

It's a beautiful time of year - I love the fall foliage, and I'm hoping it will look something like this... which was taken at about this time of year - the view from the cabin....

Can't wait to see the Inspiration Wednesday videos in *real life*.... Donna has such a great style, and cracks me up with some of the stuff she says in those videos... should be an awesome class!

Hope you have a crafty weekend!


~ ellen.


Connie said...

Wish I was there with you two. I miss the cabin.
Have a good time, love ya, con

Hels Sheridan said...

OMG, that photo... could be the view from my favest place on earth... seriously, I will show you pics ... soon!!!

HAVE the best time both of you... and make sure you get plenty of pics to show us!!!

Big hugs hun xx

Helen said...

What a beautifu view! Hope you have a grand time this weekend, tell us all about it.