October 18, 2010

The Perfect Wendy Weekend!

Hi everyone!

Well if I was excited about my weekend BEFORE it happened... I am full-out OVER THE MOON to tell you about it.  It was completely and utterly *perfect*.  I took FOUR classes with Wendy Vecchi at The Queens Ink in Savage, Maryland, which is my all-time favorite LSS. 

The first class on Saturday morning was a Ranger class, technique based, where we learned lots of different techniques for using distress inks, perfect pearls, the new perfect pearl MISTS!, different stamping techniques, paint dabbers, pigment inks, watercolor stamping, etc.  To a large degree this was just an opportunity to see how WENDY does these techniques, because as we all know, everyone has a slightly different style!  Wendy was awesome - demo-ing each technique at the demo stand and then we'd all go back to our seats and do that technique.  Here's a sample of some of the tags we did - my fav's....

The second class, on Saturday afternoon, was an ART PARTS project, using the small square frame and scalloped edge, and stamping, inking, altering, grunging, embellishing the HECK out of it.  It is gorgeous!!!  This project focused on incorporating pigment inks and combining them with distress inks - awesome new look to the existing color palette.  Here's my finished project, so elegant!

On Sunday, our morning project was this mini book.  LOTS AND LOTS of cutting involved in this one, but worth every minute!  This is just chunky, funky *heaven*.... here's a few of the pages:

And, last but certainly not least, Sunday afternoon was another ART PARTS project.  This time using the small circle bases, posts and then STUFFING tons of embellishments into the center post!   Delicious...

That's the ART-PART of the weekend, which exceeded all my expectations, which were pretty high to start with.  But I must say, the BEST part of the weekend was just seeing and interacting with Wendy.  She is kind, laid-back, SMART, generous, sweet, funny, gracious, and everything you could hope for.   She's a class act, and I'm so happy I got to know her a bit over my two days with her, and *really* proud to count her as a new friend. 

"Queen" Patti was delightful as well.  I'm so lucky to have access to such a great store, only 30 mins from home.  If you ever get the chance to take a class with Wendy, I highly recommend it... you won't regret it for a second! 

OH!!! I can't believe I forgot this part!  In the Sunday morning class, I won the door prize!!! Check it out!!

Maya Road mini book kit, grunge shapes (dots), and Maya Road chipboard birds & bird cages! NICE!
And, of course, the obligatory "ME & WENDY" picture.... I felt a little geek-y asking for the picture, but I really did want one with her. Thanks for an awesome weekend, Wendy!

(she's even wearing "tumbled glass" and "brushed corduroy"!!! Love it!)
Hugs to all - see you around later this week!

~ ellen.


Lori said...

Aha! I knew you would absolutely love her and the classes! Gorgeous projects, just love the inspiration! The tags are awesome, too! Yeah!

Hels Sheridan said...

*turns a light shade of Peeled Paint* ~LMAO~ Hunny, looks like you had THE BEST time... am so chuffed that you had a ball and those pieces are just STUNNING!!! I wanna play now!!! Hugs xx

kerry said...

wow - what a fantastic time you must have had x

Anonymous said...

So glad you got to work with Wendy for a WHOLE weekend. She really has a special teaching style that works for everyone. Love the projects (I did the first 2 when Wendy was in Buffalo NY) and especially the photo of you two!
Vicki B in OP NY

Hels Sheridan said...

Had to come back... and sing you a song

Tis 30 and 9 days to go... til Hels gets to meet Mrs Vargo...

Sang like Jack sang his song to you the other morning ROFL xx

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Wow....you're projects are totally awesome and sounds like you had a really good time.
Fab pic of you and Wendy....I would have asked too!! :)


Kalyber said...

beautiful tags and wonderful projects.