October 29, 2010

A tisket.. a tasket... a Studio 490 Basket!!!

Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to spend the entire weekend with THE Wendy Vecchi!  I've admired Wendy's *ART* for a long time, and was really looking forward to meeting her and seeing not just WHAT she creates, but HOW she creates.  The classes were, of course, divine, and I'm so happy to say that, while I still admire Wendy for her *art*.... I now admire her as a person, too.  She's lovely.

So.... what is this leading to, you might ask.... Well.... I really wanted to bring a handmade gift to give to Wendy, just as a way to show my appreciation for all she does for all of us, and let her know that it really is appreciated.  There was one large problem... what to make?  I didn't want to make something that Wendy could make herself, because she's SOOO good at what she does!  It would be very tough to compete with her talent, using HER products.

Well, I remembered a basket I had made a few years ago (*yes, it's true.... I MADE the basket*) and I thought it would be cool to embellish the basket in some way.  This is what I came up with:

I decided to make little charms out of Wendy's stamps!  It was super easy, and I love the way it turned out!  I stamped LOTS of Wendy's images onto shrink plastic using black STAZ-ON ink (most of the images were stamped onto a frosted shrink plastic, but I stamped a few onto white, and one onto black as well).   After the ink had completely dried, I cut out each image, and punched a whole in the top, or the most logical place for hanging.  (*very important to do this BEFORE you shrink the images!*)

I used my heat tool to do the shrinking - worked like a "charm" !!  HAHA!  Some of the more intricate images were a little challenging during the shrinking process, because they twist up on themselves and stick together, but I didn't lose any of them!  After they were "shrunk" (is that a word?) they never go completely flat, so I took a big acrylic block and pressed the image flat onto my craft sheet - worked great!  Then I colored the back of each charm with alcohol ink.  Important to color the BACK because alcohol ink will dissolve the STAZ-ON and the image would go "bye-bye"... (learned this the hard way... trust me....)

Here's some more shots of the basket --- there are charms all the way around the outside and when you twirl the basket it makes the best "chinkety-chink" sound!  Like a charm bracelet. 

I also wanted to find a way to work "Make Art" and "Studio 490" into the basket, so I made Wendy's famous memo pins with glossy accents to spell out each phrase - one on each side of the handles of the basket.  Here's a few shots to give you an idea of how it looks.

And here's one last shot of the basket handles - I love how they're all twisted together and weave right into the basket.  I added some fiber to the handle to give it a little artistic touch.

I wanted to make sure that the basket had been delivered and received by Wendy before I put it on the blog.... I had a real blast making the basket for Wendy, and I was so pleased that she liked it.

If anyone is interested in the basket part of this project.... it was a kit I got on-line... click HERE to check it out if you want.  The basket I made is called the "Sandy Neck Basket".

Hope you enjoyed ---- have a great Halloween Weekend!!!


~ ellen.


Anonymous said...

Ellen, this is too cool for school! Love the charms and using Wendy stamps on shrinky dinks. Very, very ingenious. You are AWESOME and inspiring!
Vicki B in OP NY

Hels Sheridan said...

Ellen hunny, it is true.. you are a basket case ROFLMAO... only joking babes.. having seen this on Skype and heard the jingles.. it is PERFECT... and those little charms are adorable... WEndy's stamps shrink down so well don't they? Loving this... LOADS!!!! x

PS... TWeNTY EiGHT DaYS... not long now!!!!! xx

Kathy Eddy said...

This is just fantastic Ellen! Making your own basket! Wow! Love those charms and I bet Wendy was just blown away when she got it.

Helen said...

How fab" I am sure Wendy will love it.

Tracy Evans said...

What a wonderful gift to Wendy, a great idea and one I am sure she appreciated especially as you had incorporated so much of Wendy's images and the text Make Art etc. This basket would be great for keeping some of her craft products. Very kind of you. Have a lovely weekend. Tracy Evans x

Lori said...

Wowzerini! This is totally awesome, Ellen! Love all those charms, what a cool idea! I'm totally casing the charm idea, just so you know...lol

MD said...

waouhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, superbe
bravo md

Sandy Ang said...

What a creative project - fab way to display little tags, ATCS and what-nots.
Love to see you at my challenge - http://angsandy.blogspot.com/2010/11/sandys-challenge-1.html