December 4, 2010

Final Play Day - Dec 2


On Thursday, Hels and I had one last day at *home* - dedicated to playing in the Room of Stash!  We both worked on our tags for the Wendy Vecchi tag swap - here are my tags:

The front is the pointsettia and the back is left mostly plain so it can be used as a gift tag, with room for writing the "To" and "From". 

Here's what Hels came up with (hers are so layered and detailed - gorgeous - she's SO flippin' talented!) 

Then Hels gave me a personal class in Ten Seconds Studio metal!  I spent the rest of the day playing with sheets of metal, and moulds, and paper stumps and refining tools, and "scoochy wheels" and generally having a ball!  I fear there may be a new crafting addiction coming on.... The two pieces I made are in progress, and will be part of a larger finished product - will blog when it's finished!

Spent the evening watching "I'm A Celebrity..." and having "English-Chinese" for dinner - as opposed to "American Chinese" - get it?  English chinese food is pretty much the same as American, but slightly different - and oh so yummy... :)  There were different menu choices - the ones I tried and liked were the chicken curry, the duck with plum sauce, and the beef with pineapple! 

Then it was time to start packing my bags to come home.... SOB!!!  Much as I really missed Jack, I was not ready for my time in England to come to an end.... reality stinks....

More to come from the last day....

~ ellen.

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