December 21, 2010

My first TSS metal project!


It's been quite a while since I posted anything... (*bad blogger*)... but I have been busy playing with Ten Seconds Studio metal!  When I was in England, Hels gave me a private lesson and I am now.... well... *addicted* !!!  Seriously, this stuff is SO COOL!  I'm a little behind the curve getting on this particular bandwagon, but I have definitely jumped on board! 

For my first project, I altered a mirror from IKEA, doing a sampler using 3x3 chipboard squares to cover the front of the frame.  Here it is!

(*disregard slightly dirty mirror.... oops....*)

I'll start with the top left tile and "read" down... left to right, then down...

Used the gears mold on black metal, sanded off the high spots, and added TH ideaology gears and the "imagine" tag.

On this tile, I started with brown metal and the swirly mold.  Then I did the "scribbly, scribbly" technique on the debossed areas (thanks to Lin Brown for the technical terminology!), sanded off the high spots, then added some pesto alcohol ink to give it a patina look.  Added the house stamp by PaperArtsy stamped on gold metal and refined all the stamped areas, and added the "home" in Maya Road chipboard letters, painted with a copper paint dabber.

Started with mustard color metal and the cross-hatch/basketweave mold, sanded, then aged with some brown paint dabber.  Then added the TH bookplate.  Cut a piece of metal in the oval shape, hammered in some texture, added some microbeads and poured clear UTEE into the middle.  

Gold metal with a celtic mold (sorry, I don't know all the mold numbers yet.... bear with me...).  Did "scribbly, scribbly" and "dotty, dotty" technique in the debossed areas, sanded the high spots, aged with black paint.  Added a UTEE crown with bronze perfect pearls, a small square facet by TH colored with butterscotch alcohol ink, and some silver beads in the recessed area.

Red metal with a different celtic mold, did the scribbly and dotty techniques, aged with black paint, then added a TH curio knob colored with butterscotch alcohol ink.

Poison Ivy metal with a fiskars texture plate - works great!   The picture doesn't show it too well, but I smooshed some copper stickles over the entire tile for a little extra interest.  The texture isn't as deep as the TSS molds, but I still like the look, and as I'm still building up my mold collection, I needed to extend the variety of textures for this project!   Added a black UTEE face mold and another bookplate.

Brown metal with another celtic mold, did the scribbly and dotty techniques on the inside of the celtic design, then added glossy accents over all the inside sections.  Outside the design I used the brass brush in a circular pattern to scratch off the color and give a contrasting finish.  Then added a vintage silver button to the middle.

And, finally, black metal with a random pattern mold, sanded the high spots, added some INKA GOLD in copper, and then added some TH type charms with antique typewriter style numbers with clear epoxy stickers over top.  Added those to the piece with brads - which nicely match the design in that section, thank you very much.... :)

I painted the whole frame black and glued each tile to the frame with GOOP glue.  Phew!  

This was a long-term project for me, and I absolutely loved it!  I'll definitely be doing more TSS projects - stay tuned!!  If you're interested in learning more about Ten Seconds Studio, check out their Taco Tuesday videos - they're hysterical (and informative, too). 

Thanks again to HELS for getting me started!  She's created a metal monster!!

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!!  I finished my shopping today, so I'm all set!  

Looking forward to a long Christmas break - I have lots of projects planned! 

Hugs to all,

~ ellen.


Helen said...

Wow, what a fab first attempt - are you sure? Have a lovely Christmas, it's been fun getting to know you via WOYWW.

Yours Artfully said...

Way to go Ellen!!!! You made a beautiful job of decorating your mirror with metal it's just gorgeous. Can't wait to see your next piece of metal artwork!

Have a wonderful Christmas.
Lin x

Lori said...

Your first attempt?! It's gorgeous, my dear. And you couldn't have had a better teacher. I've been away from it for a while, you know, the 12 tags thing, but I was thinking the other day about getting it out again, it's so awesome. Ok, AND, what did you make that crown mold from? I MUST have that. This whole thing is stunning, really!

Kathy Eddy said...

This is your first??? Amazing piece Ellen. You are a fast learner and Hels is an amazing teacher, quite obviously!

Minxy said...

WOW Ellen, it turned out absolutely amazing, especially for a first piece, my first attempt was rubbish lol, i must say i could do with a lesson or 2 myself, i have all the gear but just cant get my head round it.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas xx

Hels Sheridan said...

Tis LUSH Ellen, you have got the bug... hurrah... it is VERY addictive isn't it :O)) Can't wait to see your next piece xx