December 4, 2010

Tea with 'Liz' - Dec 1


(I got a little behind in my posting - ran out of time in England - so I'm posting the daily events now that I'm home.  I'll do each day, but they'll all post today til I get caught up.  Just so you don't think I'm nuts...)

I was gently informed on the last post that *cheerio* actually  means goodbye, not hello.... oops!  So I hope I got it right today..... :)  If's Hels' fault.... LOL!!!!

Anywho.... on Wednesday Hels and I trekked our way into London where it was ***chuffin'-Norah-freezing***!!!  We took the train to St. Pancras station and then caught the tube to Green Park (Liz's front garden) and then walked in the freezing cold and wind to meet the Queen for tea - she *needed* to see me you know.... Hels arranged it ahead.... such a good host... haha....  as luck would have it, there was a foreign diplomat arriving when we got there so we got to see the open air horse drawn carriages (they - the diplomats - must have been FREEZING!) - the cold stream guards were out - all the pomp and circumstance - very very cool.  Thought my fingers would fall off from the cold, but it was SO worth it!

Here's a (blurry) shot of the carriage, and then a quick video of the cold stream Blues & Royals guards - (with a few cold stream guards in the back row - I was corrected by an Anonymous commenter - if I make a mistake, just tell me.... no need to be Anonymous... it's just learning something new, in a new culture.... that's what traveling is all about).... no offense taken...

I never tried uploading a video before - hope it works....

Then we met Jennie at Covent Garden for lunch at Maxwell's - had great burgers, and did a little bit of shopping.

RED ALERT - THIS IS *THE* PICTURE OF ME and HELS - BLOGGABLE PROOF WE WERE TOGETHER - just in case you thought I had fabricated the whole visit... haha...

We got the tube back to St. Pancras, and found an enormous queue (line) for our train home, which had already been delayed once, and was quickly delayed again.  So, by the time our train arrived, there were three train loads of people to fit into one train.  We were very lucky to get on board, but we had to stand for much of the trip home.  Needless to say we were *knackered* (tired) by the time we got home.  We had just enough energy to order Domino's Pizza, watch "I'm A Celebrity" and promptly PASS OUT into bed.

A long day... a cold day... but another very very good day.  Tune in tomorrow!


~ ellen.  xx


Hels Sheridan said...

**SOB** missing you heaps!!! Thank you for coming all the way to England and for being such a wonderful friend... I had THE BEST time ever... huge hugs xxxx

Helen said...

So glad you enjoyed your trip to London - even if you picked the coldest week of the year to come, LOL. Glad you got home safely - look forward to seeing some more pics/videos - and now you can catch up on your Tim tags, eh?!

Nancy said...

Glad you got home, safe & sound! Love the pictures & shared adventures!
So, do all who visit Liz have to arrive in carriages or what? Oh, I'm such an American! *lol*