December 28, 2010

Tim Holtz 12 Tags - Finished!

Hey there!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and were able to spend special time with family and friends.  We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with my family and then spent Christmas Day with Jack's family.  It works out great for us - we can spread out the holiday cheer over two days rather than trying to cram it all in to one... much better.

Anyway... I've been using my holiday time to finish up this year's 12 Tags of Christmas by Tim Holtz.  Here's the remaining tags....

(Day 12 - I didn't have the ornament die, so decided to do the *extra* tag at the bottom of that day's post).

(Day 6 - love this texture fade technique of stamping onto the texture fade *before* running it through the machine! Genius Mr. Tim....)

(Day 7 - I made this tag once and hated it so much I literally ripped off all the elements and started over... like this one much better.  I used the pointsettia and leaf stamps from Paper Artsy and cut them apart into individual petals/leaves - then followed the rest of Tim's instructions.  I just couldn't get that tattered floral die to look right... all about improvisation right?)

 (Day 8 - OK - I have to admit - I really didn't like Tag #8.  I'm not a fan of the extreme masking technique - it just looks messy to me, and not in a good way.  So... I decided to pick the other elements of the tag that I did like and work with those.  I loved the houses at the bottom, loved the twisted wire smoke plumes, and loved the idea of Santa/Reindeer flying over the houses.  I swiped pearl paint dabber over the entire tag first, then inked over that with various DI colors and wiped over the pearl areas to reveal.  I like how it turned out...)

(Day 11 - Ok - another confession - when I started this tag I went to my vintage dictionary, which I rescued from the supply room at the office, turned to the page where "sleigh" would be and *squealed* !!  I had the EXACT same dictionary page that Tim used - sleigh and all!  So what did I do??? I proceeded to glue the tag on TOP of that page... DUUUHHHHHHH!!!! Yup, covered that sleigh right up!  Needless to say I was NOT pleased....But.... the tag turned out OK despite the initial mishap....)

(And here's the whole collection from this year!  They always look great when you put them all together.  I've now done all 12 from 2010 and 2009, and 4 others from 2007 & 2008.  Which means.... 28 tags down.... 20 still to go... ughhhh.  I'll do the Tags of Christmas Past a little at a time.)

(Day 8 Re-Make --- I actually gave my tag from day 8 to a good friend of mine at work, so I had to re-make it.  Did a slightly different color pallete, using green letters instead of my initial red, and added a prima rose instead of buttons.)

Phew!  That's a lot of tags... I'm happy to be finished with this year's collection - and looking forward to doing the ones from the past over time.

I've found a BRILLIANT way to display the tags and will be working on that in the coming weeks.  If you want to check it out - click HERE and go to Christie's blog - genius!

Tonight I'm going to Queen's Ink to take a class with Jenni Bowlin!  We'll be altering vintage hardcover books - should be FUN!  I'll take pix and share tomorrow.  Have a great day!!!

~ ellen.


Minxy said...

You did a grand job Ellen, they all look wonderful :D

Hels Sheridan said...

love them all Ellen and loving your take on them... have THE BEST time tonight... biggest hugs xxx

sandra de said...

All the tags are fabulous and great that they show a bit of your creative interpretation.

Helen said...

I love that snowman! All your tags look perfect. I still have to think of a way to display mine....