January 18, 2011

Stylish? Attitude? Me? Who Knew?

Hi everybody!

My good friend Lori - I Been Thinkin' ... 'Bout Inkin' - was soooo kind and passed along not just one, but TWO, blogger awards to me today!  How cool is that?  First is the Stylish Blogger Award (ha!)

And then, if that wasn't enough, came the My Blog Has Attitude Award!

 I tell ya... I'm so not used to getting awards... but I must admit... it's kinda fun!

Part of receiving these awards is to tell you 8 things about myself (taking Lori's lead on the categories), and then pass the awards on to 4 other special bloggers.... I'll start with the 8 things... hmmmmm..

1. International travel:  I was SO lucky to be able to go to England last year to see my friend and fellow-artist HELS.  It was my first overseas journey, used my first passport, and got the very first stamp in it!  Such a thrill!

2. Music tastes:  Oh my... difficult to say... it changes all the time depending on my mood... suffice it to say I like everything from new age instrumental, a little classical, country (new, not old), modern rock, classic rock, you name it.. a little bit of everything.  However.... the things I've been listening to most lately are:  John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, U2, Sarah Bareilles, The Beatles, Jackson Browne (live acoustic Vols 1 & 2 are AMAZINGLY AWESOME).

3.  Favorite Foods:  Well... this one is easy... at the very tippy top of the list is my all time favorite, could-live-on-it food.... POPCORN.  Any kind of popcorn... stove-popped, microwave, MOVIE.... with salt, with butter, caramel... you name it.  No contest.  (oh... and I never met a potato I didn't like...)  hee.

4.  Fave colors:  This one is more difficult.... my favorite color is red, but only in little bits at a time.  So, in my art, I like to use a little bit of red in almost everything I do, but I don't like a lot of red at a time... weird?  Probably.... but then again... so am I.... ;D

5.  Something I try to do every day:  Well, there's the obvious stuff like brush my teeth, wash my face, all the things your mother said you *have* to do every day... then there's the not-so-obvious stuff... I like to try to say "I Love You" to my hubbie every day, because he's my best friend, my biggest cheerleader, and most importantly, he supports my addiction to *stash* !  (LOL!)

6.  Biggest wish:  To do LOTS more traveling.  There are so many interesting places in this world and I want to SEE them... IN PERSON... not just in pictures.

7.  Biggest fear: Not taking any risks in life.  And I'm *horrible* at it... I'm so darn practical and pragmatic that I sometimes lose out on fun opportunities... must take more risks... working on that.

8.  Jobs I've had:  Like Lori, all my "career" jobs since college have been in Accounting.  Weird, huh? Accountant by day.... Artist by night.... who'dda thunk?  :)

And now... to pass the awards on to 4 other special bloggers.... there are so many choices!  But I will narrow it down and happily pass this on to:

1. Hels Sheridan ---- Ink On My Fingers --- what can I say?  If you know Hels, then no explanation is needed... if you don't, then you simply *must* read her blog.  She's UBER-talented, and uber-funny too! If you read her blog once you will be addicted. LOVES all things Wendy Vecchi & Tim Holtz.

2.  THE Linda Elbourne --- A Crafting Journey ---Linda is fabulous, funny, and super-talented. She's also the Design Team Leader for the Simon Says Stamp & Show Challenge blog, which is wildly popular among all us "Tim Holtz/WendyVecchi" fans. 

3.  Lin Brown - Yours Artfully - queen of metal - owner of L.B. Crafts, co-host of ArtsyCraft events in the U.K., Tim Holtz Design Team member.  Lin has awesome tutorials on metal work.

4.  Nicky Creswell (aka "Minxy") - The Altered Inker - I just recently discovered Minxy's blog, and she is amazingly talented! Loves all things Tim & Wendy, and does amazing art! 

Thanks again to Lori for thinking of me.... hope you have an inky day!


~ ellen xx


Linda Elbourne said...

I am blown away by this award and would like to Thank you Ellen for thinking of me. Of course this award would not have been possible without the following people and I would ask for a few moments more of your time while I thank my parents, my long suffering partner, my children and my dog ... Thanks guys for your never-ending support and encouragement. I would also like to thank my publicist, my dentist, my doctor, my hairdresser, the girl who does my nails and my postman and last but by no means least ... My therapist! Thank you all!

Hels Sheridan said...

PMSL @ Linda's acceptance speech... I would just like to follow on by saying...


Hels Sheridan said...

OMGoodness, I thought I was at the Oscars again (snicker)accepting the Outstanding Achievement in a Female Role Animating Wardrobe and Special Effects Actress award! Silly me!!!
Seriously though.. THANK YOU Ellen for these lovely awards... bless ya! You are too kind... no, really, you are ;o))

PS, who knew you liked the Beatles!!!!! ;o))

Lori said...

ROFLMAO!!!!! Who knew Linda needed a therapist? lol!!!! Good choices, Ellen, somehow I knew who you would pass it on to...lol....