March 1, 2011

Chopsticks Spine Handmade Book


Hard to believe how fast the time is flying by these days.  I actually starting making this book when  took a class with Chrissie Hines at The Queen's Ink BEFORE I went to see Hels, and was able to finish it while I was there.  I've always had an interest in book-binding, and this class was fantastic! 

We started with book covers (front and back) that had been cut down from those classic books (Little Women, Frankenstein, Treasure Island, etc.) you see in bargain stores for like $1.00 and a spine that was cut from an old scrabble board - cool!  We were able to choose the paper we used for the cover (both inside and out).  The methods were a tad more complicated than you might imagine, and I learned a TON.  Don't want to post *ALL* the details and how-to's - since it was Chrissie's class and she spent a lot of time planning and teaching... must respect that.  But.... here are some details of the finished product. 

Finished book - isn't this paper awesome!  And it's really fibrous with awesome texture.... I love the way it *feels*...

Each chopstick was hand sewn to the signature of pages inside the book.  Love this look.

Because the inside papers were so heavy-weight, they didn't nest tightly together, so the pages were sticking out beyond the covers of the book.  So, I decided to tear the edges of each page and distress the edges.

Each signature was "wrapped" in the same paper as the cover - I like this look - it's a neat little touch that ties the whole book together (both literally *and* figuratively! i love when that happens!)

Not sure what I'll use it for yet, but I really like the handmade look of it, and the papers used for the inside pages are heavy cardstock, so they will stand up to a lot of abuse - (I'm thinking art journal.... but 2-D rather than 3-D.... a new adventure.... time will tell....)

I'll be back with another project to share tomorrow!  Thanks for stopping by!

~ ellen. xx


Lori said...

This is fabulous, Ellen! I've been thinking about book binding too, I know, a little late, but better late than never, I guess. Looks very well put together, and that paper is beautiful!

Hels Sheridan said...

it certainly does feel LUSH... and I have been going around nicking those wooden stirrer thingys from Starbucks cos am thinking that would be a good alternative to chopstix :O)) xx