August 4, 2011

Ooooh - tag swap!


Yesterday I got a HUGE package in the mail from Hels!  Most of which I have been strictly forbidden to open until Sunday.... (my birthday is Sunday....)  But there were other things that I *could* open... namely the 3 tags for our monthly tag swap! 

Aren't they gorgeous??!!! So much detail and so many layers of texture and interest.... boy it's nice to have such a *talented* friend!!  Thanks Hels!!
Is it Sunday YET?  I'm dying of curiosity!

See you soon!

~ ellen.


Esther said...

Oh wow! thanks Hels for sharing your talent on this great blog :)

Nancy said...

Beautiful tags!! You & Hels do a monthly tag swap? Details, please - as in, the "how to"?
And, since I know this weekend's going to be crazy for me: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Talking Horses Arts said...

beautiful tags!
Happy early B-day and nope its not Sunday yet sorry. ;)

Lori said...

All of these are GORGEOUS! Love everything Hels does, and these are no exception! Happy Birthday!

Hels Sheridan said...

aw bless.. hope you aren't having a sneaky squeeze there Missus lol You have to wait til Sunday otherwise they will turn into bats and whip up your nightdress rofl Glad you liked the tags... yep to the next swap ;o)) Lotsa love xxx

Helen said...

Just fab. When I looked at this post yesterday, I was going all British and thinking, why is she re-posting a post from April... cos that's how we do our dates... oh dear!! Happy Birthday for Sunday, have a fab time - I am sure Hels' pressie is going to be amazing....

Clarky J said...

Love them!

Candy C said...

Hello Ellen! First of all, Happy Birthday coming up! Is this number 29? If so, we're the same age!! haha
I am quite sure Miss Hels fixed you up with all sorts of wonderful goodies. I love the tags she sent!! They are just wonderful! She's one talented lady. But then are YOU! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
<3 Candy