August 8, 2011

A Perfect Weekend...

Hi everyone,

Wanted to share some pix from my lovely (birthday) weekend... I'm quite easily pleased... so no big parties... but it was the *perfect* weekend for me...

Started out on Saturday morning and went to a little town near us called Ellicott City, famous for its antique stores... we went to the Antique Depot, which is three floors of antique yumminess... here are my "finds" ...

vintage sewing cabinet drawers, still in the framing - two matched sets!
vintage hammered drawer pulls, small glass vials, and two vintage door knobs
vintage thimble cabinet - notice the sliding plexiglass cover!
vintage cheese boxes (excellent for distress stains, color wash, PP mists - I'm just sayin'!

small OLD picket fence panel with OLD coat hooks
needless to say, it will *not* be used for coats...
I'm thinking... ART!
Oh... and I got a copy of "Breaking Dawn" for $6... (yes... I'm a Twilight fan... can't help myself....)

Then we headed over to Savage and went to lunch at the Rams Head Tavern, which just *happens* to be located right next to my favorite store on the planet... The Queens Ink... !!!!  There is also an antique mart in the basement of the center where QI is located... and my DH Jack stumbled across this beauty for only $10!  Done!

gorgeous printers' tray!
Well, of course, I had to buy a few things from Queen Patti.... would be rude not to... haha... didn't take pix of the stashly purchases, but suffice to say I got: a few more Studio 490 stamp sets, a few more Art Parts packs, 2 distress stains, 2 perfect pearl mists, a color wash spray, new white gel pen (thought I was getting the right one... turns out... not quite... will have to try again...), and a few other odds 'n' ends.

That summed up Saturday's activities... then ... Sunday morning... Jack surprised me with this... a stack of presents!

Want to see what was in them???

More vintage sewing and cheese boxes (you detect a pattern yet???) Yes... I'm currently obsessed with old wooden boxes... there I said it... they say the most important thing is to admit you have a problem, right??? ROFL!

And then.... la piece de resistance.... OMG....

Seriously... how cool is that?? Not only is it just awesome because I LOVE clocks, and I really love this style... like a train station clock... but it has two fully functioning clocks... and if you know me... and a lot of you do... one will be set to my local time... and the other.... yep.... UK time!  So... for any of my British friends... when you come to stay (*hint, hint*) you'll always know what time it is at home... But it actually looks like its FROM London.... Paddington Station.... London... LOVE.... :)

Then I had a skype birthday with Hels... yes... I was finally permitted to open my pressies.... which were deliciously lovely!

Two UK/British style canvas wall hangings,

a Union Jack pillow,

and this awesome mini pocket watch necklace!

Then.... yes.... we're almost done.... a Baltimore favorite.... Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs for dinner!  And mini cupcakes for dessert...

I can't imagine a better birthday.... hope you enjoyed coming along on the recap... have a great day, I'll be back later this week with some art to share... :)

~ ellen.


Helen said...

sounds like a perfect day with lots of fab goodies!

StampDancer said...

Happy Birthday! What a lovely day and goodies you had!

betjunroe said...

Happy belated Birthday! Your presents and antique finds are awesome and I especially love the clock and thimble cabinet. Can't wait to see what you make with that.

Lori said...

Wow, sounds spectacular Ellen! What a GREAT weekend! Those boxes are wonderful, and that clock, zowie!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Wow some fabulous finds, I love all those boxes, think I need to do some shopping LOL.. You are one lucky lady. Tracy x

Gillian .... said...

OMG Ellen, how gorgeous are all your finds, it must be like a child in a candy store having all that, the possibilities are endless. That clock though is AWESOME, loving your Brit parcels too, enjoy & go create art:) xx

SusanK said...

What a spectacular birthday! I used to live in Catonsville - loved walking around Ellicot City. But that was back in the mid 80s so don't remember antique shops such as you've described. Did see the Maypole dance & celebration once.

Yours Artfully said...

Wow Ellen, what an amazing birthday weekend you had. Fabulous antique finds and beautiful gifts.....loving that clock!


craftimamma said...

Wow, your OH gets full marks for his fabulous birthday gifts to you. The clock is fantastic. Totally wonderful pressies altogether. Belated Happy Birthday wishes from me.

Lesley Xx

Kirsten Alicia said...

Awesome finds & gifts, I love the clock. Glad you had such a lovely birthday.

Dezinaworld said...

Wow I am so envious, i am loving all your boxes, unfortunately i can only have mini boxes as my one bedroom flat is too small to collect things in. But i do adore them and i love all your gorgeous gifts
hope you had a lovely birthday, i have a feeling you did lol
hugs June

Terry said...

Oh am sitting here in amazement over your vintage finds. We just don't have these types of shops where I am! Love all those treasures! Thank you for the blog visit! I was certainly excited to receive a SSSS Top 3 award!

Terry said...

Oh I was so excited that I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday!

Pooja said...

amazing ~~~!!
Stopping by from
for the treasure hunt !