November 3, 2011

Personal Shrine with Carol Owen


Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Carol Owen, and taking her Personal Shrine classes at The Queens Ink.  I have to tell you, it was the most relaxing, *zen* like class I've ever taken.... the pace was very relaxed, no rushing, and lots of opportunities to stray from the class sample and really make the project "my own". 

We started on Saturday by making the main part of the shrine (the house).  I won't go into a lot of detail on how these are constructed because that would not be fair to Carol, who has been making these for over 20 years!  If you're interested, check out her website HERE, and if you really want to dive in, she has an awesome book on the whole process, available at Amazon HERE

I will tell you that every piece of this shrine is hand cut, wrapped, painted and assembled.  It's a lot of measuring, and a lot of precise cutting, but so worth it!  I already have some ideas for future projects... stay tuned!

The "hit" of the class was this awesome "bark ribbon" I found at Joann's about a year ago.  Sadly, I can't find any more of it, but it is AMAZING!  Instant texture and grungy interest - LOVE it!  If you know a place to get it, please do share!!  I need more!!!  I used it for the roof of my house.

Here's a few more shots of the completed project - I love all the little bottles, which I've been collecting from antique stores for about a year, waiting for the right project.... I dyed the insides with alcohol ink and created labels for each one with a mini alpha stamp set.

And check this out....

... look in-between the "who" and the "you are" - (a Dylusions stamp) it's my name!  How cool is that!? 

I painted every surface of the shrine (house and base) with Paper Artsy Fresco Finish Paint, which I'm lucky enough to have thanks to Hels!  I used Toad Hall, Guacamole and London Night on various parts.  Added a watered down very light layer of the Metallic Glaze, which gives a really beautiful shimmer.  Used my finger to smoosh some Lumiere paint (metallic bronze) over all the surfaces to age it a bit and give it that weathered look, and tore random pieces of 7 Gypsies tissue paper and applied with multi medium.

I adhered the bottles to the various places with a hot glue gun, and added some mossy bits to add more texture. Finally, I added the curio knobs (Tim Holtz).  They were the perfect size for the drawers, and the screw post is just the right length.

Hope you enjoyed the project - if you are at all interested in trying it I would highly recommend Carol's book - happy constructing!

~ ellen.


Martha Richardson said...

I so wanted to drive up and take Carol's class...thanks for the info. on her book because I'm so very intrigued by the process. Absolutely love what you created!

Helen said...

This is simply gorgeous! Love the bottles you've been collecting - they are FAB.

craftimamma said...

What a fab class that must have been because the results are awesome. Love it and must check out that book. I'm afraid getting to a class from over the pond is a bit beyond my finances at the mo, lol!

Lesley Xx

Wanda H said...

Fabulous!!! Love all the details and encouraging words!!!

betjunroe said...

This is cool Ellen! I love the nature theme and the colors you used. I have some paper that looks very similar to your bark ribbon, but can't remember if it came from Michaels, Jo-Anns or Recollections. Wish they were still in Timonium! Bette

shawn said...

Very Cool!

Kirsten Alicia said...

Wow!! What a stunning piece of art. I've put Carol's book on my Amazon wishlist, thanks for recommending it.

Shannon said...

What a great house, I just adore it. I love that color green you used.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.