December 5, 2011

If at first you don't "Believe".... Tag 5


Well, here it is Day 5 of Tim's 12 Tags of Christmas already, and I'm still on pace... it's a miracle!  I must say, when I saw today's tag this morning, I wasn't over the moon for it, but it really does represent MUCH better in real life! 

For today's tag, right off the bat I didn't have the reflections stamps, so I knew I'd have to improvise... but I found a way to make it work!

I followed along with the alcohol inking technique, but added some bottle green for some contrast in color and different layers of interest in the background.  Then, I stamped the "Believe" stamp in black archival, dabbed off, just like Tim so far...however....

the difference is... "Believe" wasn't stamped backwards like the reflections stamp would have been.... so.... rather than turning the alcohol inked tag over before gluing to the white tag, I simply added another acetate tag on TOP and sandwiched the inked tag in the middle.... rather than gluing the tags together, I used my tiny attacher instead, an "x" in each corner. 

I followed along to the tee for the wreath and bow... so pretty!  I like the contrast of the alcohol-inky-grungy background with such an elegant wreath.  Nice combo! 

Another great Tag with Tim.... even if I didn't "Believe" at first... I love it now!  I'm hoping to stay on track with the rest of the tags, so if all works out I'll be back tomorrow night!

~ ellen


Sarah said...

Fabulous Ellen, you is one very smart lady and even more when it's 6.30am over here. Love it!

Helen said...

Fab work, great idea - you gotta keep believing!!

Gabrielle said...

This is wonderful! I love what you did here xxx

Lori said...

I haven't been here in a while, I know.. but .. I'm trying to catch up. I've been scrolling thru your tags, which are absolutely lovely, and your class on books was amazing. Looks like you're venturing into the world of art journaling, yay you! The backgrounds are awesome. Enjoy the season, Ellen!