December 1, 2011

Painted Pages Book

Hi everyone,

At the beginning of November, I took an awesome class at The Queen's Ink, taught by none other than The Queen herself, Patti Euler!  It was called "Painted Pages".

We started with an old Time/Life hardback book (approximately 8" x 10").  We used a utility knife to cut out the "guts" of the book, leaving only the two covers and the spine (all still in tact).  We learned how to reinforce the binding using Tyvek paper, and used handmade papers to cover the front, back and spine, inside and out. 

Then we set to the real purpose of the class.... painting pages!  Patti showed us all different techniques for creating wonderful backgrounds for pages, but my absolute favorite was the one I called the "credit card smoosh" technique.  Basically, you squeeze a long, thin line of paint across the top of a page - the whole way across - and then add another color (or two!) underneath.  Then, and this is the FUN part, you use an old credit card to *scrape* the paint down the length of the page!  It creates unexpected patterns that are absolutely beautiful!  Once we learned this one... I was *done*.... that's all I wanted to do!  Here are the results from the class.

It was a marathon class and we worked HARD the whole time!  But it was SO MUCH FUN!  Hope you enjoyed seeing the end results.... I'm acquiring a collection of hand made books that would be just perfect for art journaling.... I may have to make that a personal challenge for next year... I'm just sayin'.

I'm so excited to get started with Tim Holtz' 12 Tags of Christmas!  Today is the day!!!  I'm going to try really hard to keep up this year - I got really behind last year and it took forever to catch up!  Hope you'll be playing along - I always learn so much and it has become a real Christmas Tradition for me.  This will be my third year of doing all 12 tags!  I'll be blogging my tags as they are finished... so see you soon!

~ ellen

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Hels Sheridan said...

Gorgeous! some of those colours are just so lush... wish I could have done that class too!! x