January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! What a start!

Hello all!

The gods were smiling on me today!  I was checking my Google Reader today and noticed that Tim Holtz had a new blog post up so I went to check it out.... imagine my surprise to see I had been selected as a prize winner just for finishing the 12 Tags of Christmas this year! 

YIPPEE!  The odds must have finally caught up with me!  So I wanted to take this opportunity to thank both Tim and Mario for all the hard work they put in to give us the 12 Tags this year... their FIFTH year!  And for being so kind and generous to those of us who follow along on their journey.

I thought it would be interesting to look at my blog stats to see if there was any extra traffic... ummm.... WOW!  Just a tad!  Look at that spike!  Amazing what one little mention will do when it's mentioned on Tim's blog... unbelievable!

What an awesome way to kick off the year!  Just wanted to express my appreciation for the prize and my utter shock at what a difference one day makes... you just never know when something amazing will happen...

Happy New Year!

~ ellen.


Marjie Kemper said...

I'm with you, Ellen... what an extra special treat to be in this lucky win club, and my blog is rocking with new hits as well. No doubt whatsoever a mention/link from Tim fires up the search engines! All the best to you in 2012 :-)

Carol said...

Congratulations. Love your blog!

Sarah said...

You is THE Tagonista girl!

maureen said...

Congrats on your TimWin! Yipee! I have a new creative soul to follow! Continue to have a blessed 2012!

Luv 2 Create said...

Congrats on being one of the big winners. It was definitely deserved. Fabulous job on all of them. Happy New Year.

Kaz said...

YAY !! well done hun! fabulous xx