February 9, 2012

Newspaper Journal - Saved!

Hi everybody,

I'm happy to report that my newspaper journal from the last class with Dyan has been rescued by the lovely Janet and lovingly retrieved by my hubby Jack.  So now that I have some pix to share... here we go...

Well, obviously, the class was about making a journal out of newspaper... without revealing all of Dyan's techniques, let's just say there was a lot of gluing involved... Once we got all the pages created, we gave them a coating to give them extra stability and then learned some painting techniques.  Here are all the newspaper pages all lined up.

The page that is on top was the only page we actually did some journaling on.   But Dyan is tricky! We were all given a stack of collage images to choose from and everyone had to choose ONE image that would fit on their page... here's the tricky part... then we had to trade images with our neighbor, and then trade AGAIN with the person sitting across from us! 

Personally, I thought it was great, but I think some may have been very attached to the images they chose.  Of course,  Dyan was trying to make a point that it doesn't *matter* what image you use... you can still create a great journal page - just journal around the image you glue down. Dyan showed us how to do some easy lettering for the "art" word.

We also created some pages from manila card stock to add into our journal, using the new Dylusions ink sprays and stencils.  We used two different 6 x 12 pieces and then tore them in half to fit the size of the journal, so after the tearing we had 4 pages to insert.

And here are all the pages together, all lined up and ready to be hole-punched and bound with some rings.  The great part is, I can keep creating pages to add - all I need is a newspaper! 

Now... I guess with all these awesome journals, and some basic instruction in art journaling from the master herself... I've run out of reasons NOT to really begin art journaling!  Stay tuned....

Thanks for sharing in the Dylusional adventure - it was one I'll never forget!  See you soon!

~ ellen.


Caz said...

Glad it got rescued!
Love the spray and stencil pages!
Only tried old book pages so far so will add newspaper pagers to my (ever increasing) to do list!
Without divulging the techniques, can you say what glue you used for the pages? Anything I've used so far has not been too successful - too many wrinkles and ending up very stiff so it'll be interesting to know what you used.
Looks like you had a wonderful time at the classes!

Candy C said...

Way cool journal, Ellen. We need a skype session. haha I still have to get my camera. I'm still doing handsprings for you, girlfriend that you are on Dyan's DT! So proud of you! <3 Candy

Helen said...

Was way too good to lose, so glad you got it back. Great work.

betjunroe said...

Someone had way too much fun at Queen's Ink! But, of course, there's no such thing as too much fun making art with Dyan. Love all the colors and doodles. Bette

Sarah said...

Can this week get any better - looks such a wonderfully creative and happening time - loving that journal and that image is a really cutie - a cool cutie!!!

Debby said...

So cool! I love Dyan's stuff and I hope to be able to take a class with her this summer. Did you coat the newspaper with something to keep it from falling apart?? Interesting to use that as a base for journaling. Can't wait to get the new stencils and sprays from her!1Thanks for sharing. Found your blog from Hels'.

Kaz said...

Ellen these are just awsome and Im with Candy......you ROCK girlfriend xx

Kirsten Alicia said...

Your journal looks great, thank goodness it didn't disappear for good.