April 11, 2012

Twin Dylusions Tags


I know, I know.... I'm on a "twin" kick... but it just makes so much sense when you're creating with Dyan Reaveley's Dylusions ink sprays to mop up the extra ink with another tag, and I got carried away.... so here we go!

Of course, I started with the ink sprays, creating a vibrant background.  Then I did some ghosting with the circles stencil and water - the positive image on one tag and the negative image on the other.  This is so easy to do - spray the water through the stencil on to one tag, and then flip the (wet) stencil over onto the other tag and press down.  Let the ink sit for 10 seconds or so, and then blot up with paper towel roll.  The image "ghosts" more as it dries.  You get a more dramatic effect if you use darker ink sprays on your background.  These ghosts are pretty subtle.

Then I sprayed the green ink through the numbers stencil in random places on one tag, and the alpha stencil on the other. Then the fun began... I used the border of THIS stencil and traced around each element of the stencil with a Stabilo All pencil (black).  These pencils are amazing... when you trace over the pencil with a water brush, it turns to ink which blends like watercolor paint.  FUN!

Then I used the new toadstools stamp from THIS set, using jet black archival ink.  Stamped the checker-border in black and cut out segments to use as necks, and added the faces to each tag.  I added a house stamp as a hat to one face, along with a bird on top.

The twisted ribbon borders (Inbetweenies set) were stamped around the edges, using a paper towel as a mask to avoid the other elements of the tags.  The sentiments were stamped in black, cut out, and adhered to each tag.

The faces, hats and toadstools were colored with distress markers (scribble the marker on your craft sheet and pick up the color with a water brush - more fun!). 

To finish things off, I had to break out the white gelly roll pen and go to town accenting everything in sight.  This is my favorite part because it just brings the whole piece to life. 

Hope you enjoyed the twin tags.  I have one more set of "twins" to share from stamp camp weekend - will be back in a few days with those.  Stay tuned!

~ ellen.


Donna Bowman said...

Lovely tags! I love the background and the overall design!

vixen said...

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant tags, I must check out those pencils :) Got some stencils coming my way and looking forward to playing and have a better result with ghosting :)

Lynne Forsythe said...

Love.....Love....Love Ellen....I thought its was....TWO is ALWAYS better than ONE!!!

Fabby tags!

betjunroe said...

Love the colors on the tags Ellen! Going to need a shopping trip to see the Queen for those ribbon stamps! I haven't had much luck spraying through the stencils, but will try it again. Bette

anna christensen crafts said...

Ellen, these tags are fabulous - I love your colour scheme and the sentiments are just perfect! xx

Helen said...

So many twins!! love them - I must play with doing this ghost technique as it didn't work properly before.... course having the sprays would help!
Gorgeous colours you used today, really 'zingy'!

Marjie Kemper said...

Dare I say these are fascinating!?!?! 'Cause they are!

Dylan said...

gorgeous darling xx

Fuchsia said...

Awesome work !
I cant wait to get my hands on those sprays

Anita Houston said...

Awesome!!! Just awesome!!! I am starting to really get into Dyan stuff...so I love this!

Hels Sheridan said...

I seen these in real life and they are truly gorgeous... all those layers just make them even more delectable (do you like my new word?lol) Hope all is goodly hunny... lotsa love xxx

Kirsten Alicia said...

FAB-U-LOUS!! I love them.

Bast said...

I love these fun tags! The house hat is just darling! Thanx for sharing and for the inspiration!