May 5, 2012

Paint First... Then Pen

Good morning!

Sorry it's been so long since my last post... it was a busy week at work and I'm so glad it's Saturday!   Of course, during the week, you can't pry me out of bed with a crowbar... and now that it's Saturday, my eyes popped open at 5:30 am... go figure... so I've been up for a while, had my first cup of coffee already!

I wanted to share the next set of sketches, which I can describe as a "happy accident".  I was looking at my clean-up paper from all my water coloring and thought that a lot of my "scribbling" could pass for flowers, so I put the theory to the test... Here's the results...

This first one was just a scribbling of light blue watercolor paint, leaving white spaces, and then added a darker shade of blue for accents and shadows.  Did the same for the stem... light green first, then a darker green for shading.  The overlap of shades really helped to dictate the pen work that followed.  I'm not sure exactly what kind of flower this would be, but I'm calling it a fancy tulip.  

Used the same techniques for this second one, going for more of a daisy look with different shades of yellow and orange watercolor paint.  I used a little more pen work on the stem for contour, and a bold border with yellow framing.

Next up, some poppies... I think I added too much pen work for poppies, but... whatever...  I used two shades of orange, and then tried adding some white watercolor paint on top... not sure I love it, but glad I tried.

And lastly, my blue and purple flower.  I used one of my other sketches as inspiration.  Same techniques as above - watercolor paint first, then pen work.

I used an inexpensive watercolor set for these sketches. The kind you can find in the school supply section of the grocery store.  You get lots of colors for just a little bit of money - love that.

I haven't had much time to play more this week, but I have one more sketch to share next time... It's the culmination of all my practicing and I'm quite pleased with it - stop by to check it out early next week.   Until then - here's a shot of all my sketches piled together - FUN!

I'm heading off this morning to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival with my good friend Donna.  She taught me a little bit about "felting" recently, so I'm excited to see all the fiber arts and home-spun (*literally*) crafts.  Not to mention the sheep!  We have a border collie who is trained for herding, so I'm hoping they might have some sheep trials, too.  Here's a picture of our dog, taken in the massive snow storm a few winters ago... so handsome...

Have a great weekend!

~ ellen.


Helen said...

Your pile of watercolours looks great - you should mount and frame them like that!! Love the photo of your collie in the snow.

MaRyKaY said...

yepper those sketches are gorgeous. what a happy accident.
Yes your dog is very handsome indeed

Amy* said...

These are so beautiful! Happy accident indeed! These are such unique designs I love every single one...they would make a lovely stamp set. Can I be first in line when these beauties come to market? :)


Minxy said...

WOW Your sketches are just amazing