July 19, 2012

Jumbo Double Dylusions Tag


I managed to find a window of time in the studio in the morning before the heat of the day took over and was able to work on my Dylusions tags.  I had done the backgrounds with two jumbo tags, spritzing ink on one tag and then pressing the other over top to get its "twin".  Rather than doing two separate tags, I decided to join them together into one GI-NORMOUS tag!  Here's the result:

Fun, right? I joined the two tags together by running a seam of thick masking tape across the seam between the two (on the back, of course), trimming off the excess. 

The backgrounds were done using the turquoise and fresh lime ink sprays.  Then I added some stencils using london blue and cut grass inks with the number and alpha stencils.   Scraped some gesso through the circles stencil, stamped a few diamonds with jet black archival and I was ready to start embellishing!

The borders were created by stamping one of the pennant (bunting) stamps repeatedly on one of my scraped paint page scraps, and then cut out each section and glued to the tag.  Accented the dots with a white gelly roll pen, and outlined each section with a black sharpie.

I kept the face stamp pretty simple, coloring in the brows, lips and eyelash tips with inks and a water brush.  But I wanted to make the hair really dimensional, so I stamped the half flower six times on white card stock.  I cut out the full flower on three of them, and on the other three I cut out the flower without the top layer.  Used my fingers to curl each petal and then arranged them behind the face.  Love this look!

Her "neck" was done using the "eyeball" border, but I bent the stamp into a curled shape before putting it on the acrylic block.  I colored in the whites of the eyeballs with a white gelly roll pen to help them stand out against the background. 

The sentiment was done using the "believe" and "art" stamps from THIS set.  I wrote the word "in" trying to imitate Dyan's style, and then added "your own" in *my own* handwriting.  I like the contrast of the two different writing styles.  Couldn't resist adding this awesome spider... love him.

I went around the entire tag with a black Sharpie paint pen to give it a frame.  And finally, I added two wire pins at the top of the tags and attached some dyed sari silk to them to form a hanger for the finished piece.

Hope you enjoyed this "Double Jumbo" tag.  I like the larger size - almost like a journal page!  The tags I used are size #12 - the same size Ranger is releasing at CHA! 

Hope you're having a great week.  I'm having fun watching (from afar... pout...) all my favorite designers do their thing at CHA.  Lots of great new products coming out - can't wait to get my hands on some new stash and have a good play!

Take care til next time.

~ ellen.

July 18, 2012

Another (Art Part) Recipe from Hels and Els

Hi everyone!

Hels and I have been at it again... I think we're making up for lost time!  Today we're sharing a recipe we cooked up last week... hope you like it... here's the list of ingredients:

- Art Parts Dimensional Sign frame
- Art Part scallop trim as a shelf
- Black and white (or neutral) patterned paper
- All black and white + 1 color if desired
- Resin flower
- Bottle caps (3 minimum)
- Vintage bottle
- Idea-ology facet with patterned paper on back
- Black paint / gesso in center of frame
- Hand-written message written with white Sharpie pen (to look like a chalkboard)
- Hand-doodled border
- Other embellishments of choice

I love the idea of a chalkboard!  I have an actual chalkboard hanging in my kitchen, and we always had one in the same place when I was growing up.  It's a great place to leave messages or make a shopping list.  Incidentally.... black gesso IS a chalkboard paint... so even though our chalkboard is of the "permanent" variety... you could totally make this a functional chalkboard with Claudine Hellmuth's Studio black gesso.    Here's my finished piece...

CUTE! I started by covering the top and bottom of the sign with this postmark patterned paper I got at The Queens' Ink.  Sanded the edges smooth, edged with a sharpie black paint pen, and then edged again with a white gelly roll pen.

I painted 3 bottle caps with black paint and then added British coins to each one.  Adhered each bottle cap to the frame with gel medium.

The center section of the frame is painted with black gesso.   Then I wrote my message with white Sharpie paint pen and hand-doodled the simple border with white dots to accent the frame.  Trust me... there were many failed attempts to get this right... thank goodness black gesso covers white sharpie pen... this is about 3 layers deep!

The scallop trim shelf was also painted with black gesso and then adhered to the frame with Super-Glue!  Instant bond and death-grip adhesion - this sucker is not going *anywhere* !  LOL!

Of course I had to add some British embellishments, so I found this cute charm and the red Phone box (which was a substitute "ingredient" for the vintage bottle - hey... a chef has to improvise sometimes, right?)  And, since this is a chalkboard... I added some chalk as well to complete the statement and leave no doubt.

And, finally, the facet with patterned paper adhered to the back with glossy accents.  I hung the facet upside-down and added a mini clock on a type charm.  Love those!

Hope you liked our chalkboard project... Hels has made another *stunner*... be sure to check it out HERE.  It's both a little sad and a little awesome that this statement is so true for me... "My closest friend lives the farthest away..."  I certainly have friends that live close to home, but it's still amazing to me that ART (specifically, Wendy Vecchi's blog!) has found me my closest friend, and she lives so far away.  Thank God for SKYPE!  And internet based phones so I can call whenever I want for no extra charge.  Good stuff!

I'm working on some Dylusions tags... will be back to share when they're done.  My studio is currently about 600 degrees... so it may be a few days... the heat wave is still going strong!

~ ellen.

July 17, 2012

Art Parts Extravaganza - Part 2

Hello again!

Thanks for stopping by to see part 2 of my Art Parts adventures.  Yesterday I showed you the first 3 sections of my Art Parts film strip.  Click HERE if you missed that post.  Today we'll check out sections 4 and 5, and then I'll show you how I put it all together.  As with yesterday's post, all the Studio 490 art parts, stamps, Blossom Bucket embellishments, and idea-ology are available at Simon Says Stamp.  Here we go with section 4...

The first element has a square art part, painted with cranberry paint dabber, stamped with the striped/ticking background with a blossom bucket jar and art part leaf painted with lettuce paint dabber and stamped with polka dot background.  As with yesterday's post, the idea-ology snaps added to this element are repeated on all elements of the piece.

Next we have the base, painted with butterscotch paint dabber, stamped with the wire screen background, with an art parts fish painted black.

Blossom Bucket bottle caps with dictionary text centers, stamped with individual capital letters for A.R.T.  These are the only non-Studio 490 stamps.

Circle base, lettuce paint, script background stamp, square art part painted black, and a large Blossom Bucket flower, accented with hints of butterscotch and cranberry paint to coordinate with the rest of the piece.

And here's the last section... section 5....

Love this element... art parts gear, butterscotch paint dabber, checker-flower background, with a large idea-ology clock, game spinner, mini gears, and a snap in the center.

Square art part base, cranberry paint, polka dot background stamp, art part locks, and idea-ology buttons and snaps.  Word band altered with butterscotch paint underneath.

Oooh... I've been wanting to use this Blossom Bucket bird for months! Just love the detail!

Now that we've covered all the sections and broken down each element.... here's a pic of the final piece, all put together...

I'm sorry I couldn't post a larger photo on the blog, but hopefully all the close ups I've shown will help you appreciate the whole.  I love how all the sections line up perfectly so it really looks like an actual film *strip* and not just one frame.  

Each frame section was adhered to piece of foam core with Sobo glue, which is very strong and often used in bookbinding.  You may have noticed little black accent dots on each section.  I added these with a black pearl pen.  I like the little accents, and using a similar style in each section helps to tie the piece together.

I hope you've enjoyed my art parts project.  I had a lot of fun putting it together - and the best part was just dumping all the pieces out and selecting all the elements to use.  Was a great way to really get an appreciation for Art Parts, because that's exactly what they are!  Parts for making ART! 

If you're new to Art Parts, or Studio 490 for that matter, you've got to go visit Wendy Vecchi's blog and check out all the amazing things you can do with her awesome products... love them all!

I'll be back tomorrow with another recipe Hels and I have cooked up.... I know... bad pun... but it had to be done!

~ ellen.

July 16, 2012

Studio 490 - Art Parts Extravaganza - Part 1


Hope you all had a lovely weekend - it has gotten STUPID HOT here in Baltimore again... heat index over 100... ughhh... But I managed to make a trip down to Queen's Ink to visit with Queen Patti and pick up some stash... mostly just 'staples' ... restocking idea-ology, mini canvases, etc. but it's always good to see the Queen!

It has been a while since I had a good play Studio 490 Style, and I have been craving a big project, so I decided it was high time to take ALL of my Art Parts and Blossom Bucket pieces and just dump them into a big pile on the floor so I could mix and match and build something fun.  Sort of like 'blocks' when I was a kid!  BTW, have you seen the sneak peeks for the new Studio 490 line? WOW!  Loving it - way to go Wendy!  Check it out HERE if you're interested...

Here's the PILES ... fun, right?? :)

You can see just a hint at the seed of the idea I used for my project in the top photo... Here's a more *direct* hint...

Yep... that's right... I decided to join together FIVE of the film strip frames into one gi-normous art parts piece - FUN!   I'll show them to you in sections... All the Studio 490 stamps, art parts, blossom bucket embellishments, and Idea-ology used in this project are available at Simon Says Stamp... Here's the first...

I started by using black soot distress stain to color the film strips.  It took a couple of coats because the art parts are very absorbent.   All of the frame bases were covered with vintage dictionary paper in the center, and tissue tape across the tops and bottoms.

I've broken down each frame into its main components below... here we go...

Art parts flowers with a blossom bucket center.  The flowers were painted with butterscotch and cranberry paint dabbers and over-stamped with Studio 490 polka dot and checker/flower background stamps.

The square base is the center from an art parts frame (this element repeats in several shapes and sizes throughout).  The base was painted with cranberry paint dabber and stamped with the vintage letter script stamp.  Art Parts jar, painted with lettuce paint dabber, stamped with matching stamp, given a coat of rock candy crackle paint, and added idea-ology lock, key, and snaps (the snaps are repeated on all the elements below).

Rectangle base painted with butterscotch paint dabber with the alpha background stamp (one of my favs!).   Art parts hand and "twisty toy winder thingy" painted with black paint dabber, and added an idea-ology word band altered with butterscotch paint.

And here we go with the second section...

OK... must admit... LOVE this one... Base with lettuce paint and screen background stamp.  Ideaology pocket watch with vintage dictionary paper on the base and a mini art parts queen added (grungeboard face and art parts crown)... then... and this is my favorite part... added the Blossom Bucket glasses on the top of the watch with tiny little beads for eyes (yes... the oh so obvious pun... she's got beady little eyes... )  hahaha... The word "LOVE" was cut from the same dictionary.. needed a teeny tiny scale.  Game spinner with mini gears below.

This circular part bridges the gap between sections 2 and 3.  This one is all about art parts, paint dabbers and background stamps.  Love the graphic look.

And here's section 3...

Star border art parts across the stop, stamped with polkadot background with snaps in the center.  Had a nice big empty spot that was *begging* for that gorgeous idea-ology crown.  Seriously, the most awesome crown ever.  I hoard them whenever I have one for the *perfect* piece.  This qualified!

Art parts vintage truck with butterscotch paint and striped background.  Added mini gears, a word bar,  and the blossom bucket postmark piece.

Last section for today... bridging the gap to section 4. Small square art part base, lettuce paint, "square-ka-dot" background stamp, with 2 blossom bucket hearts. 

You've got a sneak peak into the 4th segment... I'll be back tomorrow with segments 4 and 5, and I'll  show how you how I put the whole thing put together.  Hope you're enjoying....  Thanks for stopping by!

~ ellen.

July 11, 2012

Another "Recipe" from Hels 'n' Els

Hi everyone,

Once again, Hels and I have been skyping away, having a blast coming up with new projects to try.   We're sort of on a collage / stencil kick, but we're having fun with it, and really, that's all that matters.  Here's our "recipe" for today:

- 5 mini canvases (joined together with screw eyes and jump rings)
- Dimensional embellishments
- Sari silk ribbons
- Tape of choice (masking, washi, tissue, etc.)
- Stencils with medium of choice (gesso, texture paste, paint, spray, etc.)
- Book text
- Ink sprays
- Butterflies
- "Something Old"  (in the spirit of USE your stash!)
- Message / words of choice

Here we go... here's my finished project!

I started with 5 mini canvases in various shapes - some squares, some rectangles.  Initially I wanted to use ink sprays on the canvases, but when I sprayed the pre-gesso'd canvases resisted the inks so... scrap that idea... unfortunately, the sprays stained the canvases (but not in a good way).... time for Plan B...

I started by wrapping the edges of all 5 canvases with the fabulous "subway" tissue tape, which I've been hoarding.  Then I decided to break out my 7 Dots Studio papers (by Anna Dabrowska) again.   I used the reverse sides, which are much more subtle and give more opportunity for adding color as desired.  I distressed all the edges and inked with gathered twigs distress ink (my new *favorite* brown).  Adhered to the canvases with gel medium.

I added some torn book text, and used my Stabilo All pencil with some stencils, going over the penciled images with a water brush to blend them in.  Added some white wash over my book text to help push it to the background.  Then I scraped gesso through the diamond Dylusions stencil and let it dry.

Here's my "something old"... I've had some natural colored fibers by Maya Road for about 2 years! Decided it would be the perfect addition to this neutral color palette, so I wrapped various fibers around each canvas, stringing a bead onto each one.  Love the one above with all it's hairy-ness!

Decide to stick with neutral, muted tones, so chose some antique brass embellishments and adhered them to each canvas with gel medium.  Also added some more sari silk ribbon to each canvas.  If you ever have the opportunity to get some - it's fabulous!  I was lucky to find an entire skein of it at a wool show back in May.  You can dye it any color you want so it will go with any project. 

Next up, I added the hand-stamped words on each canvas, which I tried to match to the embellishment I used.   And the final step... a very light spraying of ink (Dylusions worn leather - former UK line). 

The canvases were all joined together using Tim Holtz' screw eyes and jump rings.  I used Tim's ruler on the "centering" side to mark 1" from center on either side - so easy to make sure everything lines up when you use the centering ruler... love that!  I hung the entire piece from a twig off my tree and some sari silk.

Hope you're enjoying these "recipe" challenges - I know we are!  And wait til you see Hels' project... she's outdone herself yet again!  Be sure to pop over and check it out HERE.

Til next time!

~ ellen.

July 10, 2012

Art Journal Page


I've been playing in my art journal again.  I think I've discovered something that makes me enjoy the journaling process...  I'm working in a journal that I assembled from pre-painted pages, which takes away that feeling you get when you're staring at a totally blank page and can't figure out where to start.  If the backgrounds are already done, it gives you a jump start on the journaling and collage to follow.  So... here's my latest page...

I see a theme emerging in my journaling... the contrast between my "art" life and my "work" life.  It's a constant source of frustration for me, and I'm always struggling to find that balance between what I "have" to do and what I "love" to do.  So...  that's the background story on this page.  Of course we all need money in order to live our lives, but what is that money "worth" if you have to give up time spent on your passion?  I long for a Star Trek society where there is no money, just the sharing of resources and the pursuit of passion and development of talents.  How awesome would that be?

All the journaling was done with Sharpie paint pens, and a white gelly roll pen.  Background is scraped paint (Golden fluid acrylics) and the harlequin stencil sprayed with Studio Calico Mister Huey's white spray.  It's the only white inky spray I've found.  It takes a LONG time to dry, but it's gorgeous!

Hope you're having a good week so far... I'll be back tomorrow with another "Hels and Els" recipe project!

~ ellen.

July 8, 2012

I Challenge Thee... Jumbo Tag "Dream"

Hi everyone,

Hels and I have been at it again... we're on a roll!  Today's post coincides with Hels' weekly Sunday Stamper challenge, so it's a two-fer.  We were both completely inspired by Anna Dabrowska's (aka Finnabair) recent live-stream show for Prima, so we decided to do our own take on her fabulous tags.

Here's our recipe:

- Jumbo Tag with 2 1/4" cut off at bottom and 'dangling'
- Die Cuts or Punches
- Paint / Texture Paste optional
- Loads of embellishments
- Ink sprays of choice
- Paper flowers
- Stamps of choice
- Torn strips of canvas / book text
- Masking / washi tape
- "Dream"

I started by gluing alternating strips of raw canvas, book text canvas, masking tape and washi tape printed with red text across the tag, from top to bottom.   I added a strip of leafy vine (Martha Stewart border punch) painted with lettuce paint dabber.  

Then it was time for loads of paper flowers, along with metal filigree leaves on both the top and bottom segments of the tag.

I tucked an ornate plate into the flower grouping and stamped the word DREAM (Paper Artsy) on canvas in the center. 

Added some random embellishments to balance the tag, and then sprayed with a combination of several ink sprays (color wash, perfect pearl mist, and a couple of custom ink sprays with distress re-inkers and perfect pearls).  I attached the two sections of the tag together with eyelets and some black hemp.

We're having a blast with these "recipe-style" challenges - hope you're having fun playing along.  Be sure to pop over to Hels' blog to check out her gorgeous Sunday Stamper piece, or if you've already been there... thanks for popping over to see me! 

Have a great week!

~ ellen.