July 18, 2012

Another (Art Part) Recipe from Hels and Els

Hi everyone!

Hels and I have been at it again... I think we're making up for lost time!  Today we're sharing a recipe we cooked up last week... hope you like it... here's the list of ingredients:

- Art Parts Dimensional Sign frame
- Art Part scallop trim as a shelf
- Black and white (or neutral) patterned paper
- All black and white + 1 color if desired
- Resin flower
- Bottle caps (3 minimum)
- Vintage bottle
- Idea-ology facet with patterned paper on back
- Black paint / gesso in center of frame
- Hand-written message written with white Sharpie pen (to look like a chalkboard)
- Hand-doodled border
- Other embellishments of choice

I love the idea of a chalkboard!  I have an actual chalkboard hanging in my kitchen, and we always had one in the same place when I was growing up.  It's a great place to leave messages or make a shopping list.  Incidentally.... black gesso IS a chalkboard paint... so even though our chalkboard is of the "permanent" variety... you could totally make this a functional chalkboard with Claudine Hellmuth's Studio black gesso.    Here's my finished piece...

CUTE! I started by covering the top and bottom of the sign with this postmark patterned paper I got at The Queens' Ink.  Sanded the edges smooth, edged with a sharpie black paint pen, and then edged again with a white gelly roll pen.

I painted 3 bottle caps with black paint and then added British coins to each one.  Adhered each bottle cap to the frame with gel medium.

The center section of the frame is painted with black gesso.   Then I wrote my message with white Sharpie paint pen and hand-doodled the simple border with white dots to accent the frame.  Trust me... there were many failed attempts to get this right... thank goodness black gesso covers white sharpie pen... this is about 3 layers deep!

The scallop trim shelf was also painted with black gesso and then adhered to the frame with Super-Glue!  Instant bond and death-grip adhesion - this sucker is not going *anywhere* !  LOL!

Of course I had to add some British embellishments, so I found this cute charm and the red Phone box (which was a substitute "ingredient" for the vintage bottle - hey... a chef has to improvise sometimes, right?)  And, since this is a chalkboard... I added some chalk as well to complete the statement and leave no doubt.

And, finally, the facet with patterned paper adhered to the back with glossy accents.  I hung the facet upside-down and added a mini clock on a type charm.  Love those!

Hope you liked our chalkboard project... Hels has made another *stunner*... be sure to check it out HERE.  It's both a little sad and a little awesome that this statement is so true for me... "My closest friend lives the farthest away..."  I certainly have friends that live close to home, but it's still amazing to me that ART (specifically, Wendy Vecchi's blog!) has found me my closest friend, and she lives so far away.  Thank God for SKYPE!  And internet based phones so I can call whenever I want for no extra charge.  Good stuff!

I'm working on some Dylusions tags... will be back to share when they're done.  My studio is currently about 600 degrees... so it may be a few days... the heat wave is still going strong!

~ ellen.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is GORGEOUS. Not only a very cool chalkboard, but the details are terrific, I love the facet at the bottom.

Helen said...


Hels Sheridan said...

600 degrees eh? you need some respite from that, come over to the cool Room of Stash - tis about 14 degrees today! LOVE LOVE LOVE your finished board, tis, IMO, one of the loveliest things ever not only because it is so well made, but also because of the sentiment. Makes me miss you even more *sob*
Good old Wendy eh? Just think, if she hadn't seen that Rosey Heart Art piece, we would not be sitting crafting together... hurrah for Wendy! xxx

Redanne said...

Hi Ellen, I love it when you and Hels use these recipes, you have both come up with stunning projects! Two very talented ladies...A x

whyducks said...

Wow lovely!

Karen said...

WOW - that is STUNNING! absolutely love this, it's so cute and quirky, at the same time, you know! love those little London charms too I'm going to have keep my eyes open for some of them! both you and Hels make very gorgeous and very inspiring pieces hugs Karen x

Michelle Webb said...

Ellen I love your's and Hels recipes, you come up with very different styles and amazing interpretations. I love this idea so much, would you and Hels mind if me and someone else did a similar thing but link back to your original idea? Michelle xx

Gillian .... said...

HOLY MOLY Ellen .. this project totally ROCKS,it had me a wee lump in my throat lol ... Gorgeous work again. xx