September 20, 2012

Hels 'N' Els Recipe - ATC Master Board


Hope everyone is having a good week!  Hels and I have come up with another Recipe Challenge so we wanted to share it!  Here's the list of ingredients:

- Master Board large enough to cut down to 9 ATC's (each ATC is 2.5" x 3.5")
- All 9 ATC's will be mounted on a base (approx 8" x 11") and hung with a "clippy hanger" - you know - a hanger with clips on it!
- Textured background
- Ink sprays
- Hand stamped sentiment
- Tape (washi or other)
- Embellishments of choice

We both really wanted our project to have that "WOW" factor - I'm not so sure mine has much "WOW" - but I'm still happy with it... here it is... sorry the pix are a bit dim... I waited too long to take them and the light was just *awful*... here goes...

I started with some manila card stock and glued an old map to it.  I've always loved maps and thought it would be fun to do a travel piece.  I white washed over the map with some white airbrush paint, and then started stamping and inking over top.

I used some old Tim Holtz stamps, as well as some of my hand-carved stamps, and then used my new favorite "junk stamp" - the glue stick display stamp for the black circles, then dabbing some white gesso in the center of each one with my finger.  I used a palette knife to add some Terra to the corners - it looks like old plaster.  I wanted to emphasize the *map* aspect, so I used a black pearl pen to highlight the course of a river that runs across the page diagonally.

I stamped out the sentiment with a mini alpha set.  The quote reads, "the use of travelling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are".  I love that!  Our imagination can take us lots of places, but there's nothing as *real* as being in the actual place, experiencing all of its wonders.  I added some Tim Holtz "cash keys" with maps as tokens in various places.  I just stuck the epoxy sticker over the map and cut around it, then glued it to the metal base with glossy accents.

Added some polka dot washi tape (Smash Book) in random spots, ran a border around each ATC with black paint dabber, and then glued each ATC to a sturdy base (I used heavy water color paper).  Clipped it to the hanger, which I added the word "travel" to.  Voila!

Hope you enjoyed our recipe... I'm sure we'll come up with another one soon!  Be sure to go check out Hels' ATC Master Board - I haven't seen it yet but I'm quite certain it's amazing as always!

See you soon.

~ ellen.


Helen said...

I love it - it is a subtle 'wow' factor but it's there.

Hels Sheridan said...

I TOTES love it... tis lush... thanks for another fab recipe hun... can't wait for the next one xx

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic,it makes me think of an old treasure map. I LOVE how you highlighted the river.

Cornish Emma said...

Hi, just popped over from Hels blog. Totally diff to Hels pinky creation, but also totally stunning, great layout and use of embellishments.

Maggie said...

Hi followed Hels link here to see you fab hanging a lovely way to keep atc's, which I love. Liking the texture on you hanging

Martha Richardson said...

Oh Ellen this is wonderful...INTRIGUING! Love how different yours & Hels are...TFS!

Lottie said...

This is fabulous - and tells a lovely story and journey. I love how one's eye travels automatically to the next part of the journey and how you can follow a 'path' right down and across - very cleaver

Andrea said...

its perfect Ellen and though you both did a recipe you came up with completely different desserts x

Candy C said...

Very cool master board, Ellen. I really love your theme and how you've created such a cool map. I love your creative thought that went into this piece! <3 Candy

Artyjen said...

Love the map theme ;)
xoxo Sioux

Anita Houston said...

Oh fantastic!!! What a fabulous design piece! I love every detail!!!

Stamping in Pink said...

another gorgeous creation from your Hels & Els challenge! lovely subtle colours with just the right amount of things making it pop! hugs Karen