September 5, 2012

Hels 'N' Els Recipe Challenge - Metal Frame

Hi everyone,

Hels and I have come up with another recipe challenge - we had a nice Skype session on Sunday and came up with this quick, easy project:

- 6 x 8 wooden frame
- adhesive backed sheet metal (Ranger metal foil sheets or other)
- texture fade embossing folders
- distress with black paint
- embellishments of choice

I think that's the shortest list of ingredients we've ever come up with!  But sometimes keeping it simple is good.  Here's my frame.  This pic was taken when I went to pick Hels up from Ranger U last year!  We all went out to dinner - will always be a very special memory.

Sorry for the bright flashy highlight... I had a hard time photographing all this shiny metal!  I started with Ranger's metal foil sheets and chose 3 texture fade embossing folders.  I adhered some pieces of the foil sheets to white card stock and then added some Ranger wonder tape to the back of each piece. The texture fades I chose were bubble, diamond plate and riveted.

I ran each sheet of metal / card stock through my Vagabond with each embossing folder and then pieced each one to size to fit on to my frame.  Just peel the back off the wonder tape and it sticks *forever* !  Be careful placing these pieces, because once you stick it down, it will NOT move.... just sayin'...

Once all the pieces were in place, I used a paper stump to get all the edges smoothed down, and then used a Ten Seconds Studio texture wheel on each of the seams between the different textures.  It helps to hide the seams and reinforces the wonder tape.

Then I used a black paint dabber over the entire piece and wiped off the excess with a paper towel.  The black paint gets into the nooks and crannies and leaves behind a wonderfully distressed look.  I chose to keep my frame embellishment-free (shocking, I know!) - letting the gorgeous textured metal speak for itself.

Hope you enjoyed our recipe.  Be sure to go over to Hels' blog and check out her frame.  I haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure it is amazing as always!  Thanks for stopping by!

~ ellen.


Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Ellen, I truly love this frame, the metalwork is truly stunning, I love the different effects you have achieved on the metal, truly stunning. Hels' Blog had a 'click here' for your link but think there was something wrong as nothing happened, so I had to go backwards on her Blog day by day to find the last time you did something together to find your Blog info ha ha. Lots of love from Patricia in the UK xx

Helen said...

Your frame is fab too! I enjoy your recipe challenges you set each other - keep them up!!

Hels Sheridan said...

GORGEOUS.... doh, I forgot texture fades... blame it on the illness rofl Fab to have another recipe with you, can't wait for the next one... happy memories in the piccie too xx

Rita said...

Ellen, what a great way to show a friendship photo. I love what you've done and will definately give this a try. I need to get some texture fade folders though,they look brilliant. I've already visited Hel's and her frame is Fabulous too. I just love it when both of you come with these super ideas. Enjoy your day. Hugs from Scotland. Rita xx

Karen said...

Hi Ellen, what a gorgeous frame, love all that texture. The fact that it is embellishment free makes the embossing 'pop' more hugs Karen

Anita Houston said...

Fabulous frame and gorgeous photo!

Candy C said...

Hey the frame and the photo! Your frame has all sorts of cool texture! Love it and that pic of you and Hels...well, makes me so excited for January!! <3 Candy