October 4, 2012

Ledger Journal - Painted Map


Last weekend I spent a lot of time working in my ledger journal.  As you may have noticed lately, I love maps!  So I decided to use a map as a background for an entire page spread and paint over it... here's the result... LOVE.  Will definitely be doing more of this...

I didn't alter the map in any way.  I've tried that before with white-washing or ink spraying, and I'm always sorry I did it.  So this time it's just "naked" map... much better.  Love the crispness of the map colors and text.

The quote is from a Vonda Shepard song called "Mischief and Control" - awesome song, but this verse is my fave... in case it's hard to read, it says, "There is a painter in all of us.  She knows exactly which brush to choose.  She knows exactly where to make a stroke.  But there's an army of voices she might have to get through."  OMG - that so describes me at the moment... trying to get through all those voices inside my head, influences from other artists, and get down to what is truly "me".   I think this page is a good start!

I used a Stabilo-All pencil to sketch the flowers and then painted them in with Golden fluid acrylics, white paint, and sharpie paint pen.  Text was hand stamped with a mini-alpha set, outlined with Stabilo-All and blended with a water brush.  Border done with black paint pen.

Will be sharing more map pages soon.

~ ellen.


Helen said...

I love working over maps too, and your sketched flowers are great!

patcrafts said...

Great page what a brill idea to use a naked map it certainly looks good.The flowers are amazing too.

Anita Houston said...

You are speaking to me! Or is it her? I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Oh yeah, did I mention I LOVE this! The map is genius, and those flowers, nice!!! Inspiration abounds here!

betjunroe said...

Great journal pages Ellen! I love using maps on my cards--made a couple for the grandkids last year with Tim's jalopy on top--really cool. Remembered I have a Vonda Shepard CD and listening now--maybe I'll get inspired! Bette

shamela said...

Ellen I love this piece of artwork... it is absolutely stunning....

Bast said...

Ellen that is stunning! Gorgeous. I love the map background with those flowers...Really beautiful. I just LOVE It! That is an incredible piece of art that deserves to be hug and enjoyed ;)

Thanx for the inspiration